We Live In A Liminal Realm, And Now There’s Data To Prove It

Earth is… bizarre. And now, there’s proof to again it up.

All around the world, hundreds of individuals report bizarre lights within the sky, misplaced time, unfamiliar beings within the woods, lake demons, and an entire gambit of different hair-prickly strangeness.

Nevertheless, a recurring downside has been the disparate nature of private accounts. Till recently, there’s by no means actually been a world repository to catalog all these private encounters. If solely Google Earth simply had a haunted darkish mode the place we might see the place all this weirdness is definitely occurring.

Properly, that’s mainly what Liminal Earth have created with their world paranormal map at Liminal.earth. Rising from the fog of the Pacific Northwest, the Liminal Earth database is open for anybody to catalog their private encounters with the unknown.

As the information is available in, paranormal researches might visualize traits, validate group sightings and hyperlink hotbeds of exercise. Liminal Earth might be a step towards validating that we, the truth is, dwell in a liminal airplane…

Liminal Earth: A World Paranormal Archive

Liminal Earth, a crowd-sourced map of spooky encounters. Originating in Seattle, they’ve now gone world.

Liminal Earth describes itself as “a crowd-sourced map of uncanny experiences.” It’s a database for the creepy incidents that you simply may not instantly deliver up over dinner with the in-laws.

Based as a aspect challenge by Jeremy Puma and Garrett Kelly in 2017, Liminal Seattle first sought to amass tales from the Pacific Northwest. Quickly after opening doorways to the darkish void, they rapidly acquired native tales on every thing from misplaced time, ghostly manifestations, cryptids, unusual lights, murderous crows, and different spectral goodies.

“It mainly began as a side-project to a side-project, however virtually instantly we began getting tons of submissions and calls from native press,” says Jeremy.

After front-page protection on The Seattle Instances, Liminal Seattle determined to take its “normalizing the paranormal” mission a bit extra critically. Rebranded to Liminal Earth in 2019, they’re changing into a legit paranormal cartographic group.

The group-sourced database has acquired over 230 entrees at time of writing and continues to develop by the day. Now they’ve entries coming in from Chile, the UK, and extra. As Jeremy from Liminal Earth tells us, “the extra entries, the higher the information.”

How Do You Classify The Unusual?

Prior to now, some paranormal researchers have tried to create classification programs for prime strangeness. Liminal Earth organizes issues with a useful map legend:

  • Darkish Forces: Lanyard Zombies, Drones, Company Demise Zones, Cupcake Retailers, And so forth.
  • Time Distortions: Vacationers, Timehunters, “Deja Vu”, “Shedding Time,” And so forth
  • Mythologies: Pre-Shamanic Deer Cults, Radical Gnostic Animism, And so forth.
  • Cryptoids: Bigfoot, Lycanthrops, Trolls, Ogres, And so forth.
  • Skinny Locations: Ley Traces, Magic Fountains, Plant Sigils, Portals, And so forth.
  • Straight Up Ghosts: Creepy vibes, Poltergeists, EVPs, Stone Tape Theories, Class III Apparitions
  • Excessive Weirdness: Fortean Phenomena, Floating Toblerone, Issues That Simply Don’t Make Sense
  • Basic UFO: Shut Encounters, Sightings, and many others.
  • Unusual Animals: Bearing Presents, Uncommon Encounters, Fecal Divination, and many others.
  • Visions: Goals, Visions, Mystical Experiences, and many others.

Categorizing the non-elemental can get furry, however it appears Liminal Earth segments issues properly whereas permitting room for blurry accounts and humorously bizarre tales. As Liminal Seattle tells us:

“[The legend] sort of occurred organically. We needed to cowl the entire spectrum of extraordinary expertise, so we got here up with this checklist which we predict covers every thing we’re all in favour of capturing. “

Current Entries of Spooky Encounters

On Liminal Earth, first-hand accounts vary in depth, time, and house. Some temporary encounters had been simply had, whereas others recount deep sagas from the 80s or 90s. Most embody actual GPS coordinates; an occult investigator’s absolute dream. Some even embody hand-drawn depictions or picture proof. Listed here are some examples under.

The Demon of Playa Ancha

“…With panic and strangeness he seen that in one of many treetops one thing moved, he regarded carefully on the determine that might be the dimensions of an orangutan, it moved and checked out it and realized that it had vibrant penetrating purple eyes that checked out him in a manner, in accordance with him, evil…” Submitted by Vicente Kuntur underneath Cryptoids, Excessive Weirdness, Unusual Animals. -33.035463, -71.641970. Playa Ancha, Valparaiso, Chile

From “The Demon of Playa Ancha” by Vicente Kuntur. Handrawn encounters deliver an uncanny sense of immediacy to the Liminal Earth database.

UFO Gentle Present

“I seen three white lights within the sky. They had been in a triangle sample. As we watched on of the lights turned purple after which moved to type a straight line. As we watched the sunshine on the finish of the road would transfer as much as once more type a triangle . Over and over they did this,. I pulled over to the aspect of the highway at one level to observe. After I obtained again on the highway, A state cop pulled up alongside aspect me. Considering he was going to drag me over I regarded up and noticed he was watching them too. The lights instantly disappeared, like simply pale out.” Submitted by JanetEB underneath Basic UFO. 45.082342, -122.950201. Salem, Oregon, U.S.


The Buzzing Ghost of Jeffersonville, Georgia

“On a number of events we’ve seen and heard the ghost of a small African American lady in a patchwork gown. She hums and sings. We first encountered her when i used to be younger. I got here again from enjoying and informed my mother that there was a woman within the woods. I’m not fairly positive of the historical past of my dads 36 acre property or what households owned it prior.” Submitted by Julian Barron underneath Straight Up Ghosts. 32.67974337912106, -83.37231122075394. Georgia, U.S. 


Improper Door

“…I regarded to see the far wall of the lounge had disappeared and a misty type of panorama was seen within the distance. Three odd trying creatures stood in the lounge and one hissed at me. I simply continued strolling to the toilet, shaking like a leaf. I stayed there for a half hour , till I might deliver myself to open the door. Strolling out , I might see all was again to regular. Bizarre.” Submitted by Janet B underneath Excessive Weirdness, Skinny Locations. 45.572656, -122.679793. Portland, Oregon, U.S.


Duwamish River Monster

“I witnessed a big, menacing 8-10 ft kelp monster strutting about on the banks of the Duwamish River, on the seaside at eighth Avenue South Park. I believe it was the Lufu…It got here out of the water, sludging towards me at a sluggish tempo … It had deep purple glowing eyes stuffed with revenge and was lined in a horrible swath of litter, mud, and fishing nets.” Submitted by Paul Differentman underneath Cryptoids, Mythologies. Duwamish River, Seattle WA.


The Energy of Liminal Open Information

As extra entries are available in, we’ll doubtless see fascinating traits emerge within the Liminal Earth information. With a verbose tagging system and GPS coordinates, we’ll have ample metadata to find scorching spots of exercise with extra submissions.

Think about if the hundreds of Phoenix Lights viewers had a central repository to share their accounts when the phenomenon was occurring. Such a database would have given extra credence to the lights and acted as a historic report.

A unbelievable mix of expertise and weirdness, Liminal Earth might be a leap ahead for paranormal analysis, serving to give credence to each private accounts and enormous phenomena alike.

Bermuda Triangle: A supernatural scorching spot begging for encounter tales.

Submitting Your Story

As Liminal Earth says, “we welcome submissions from denizens of all realms.” Submitting to the database is fairly simple, and you may maintain your identification as clear or guarded as you want. You may add your story right here.

Is This All Actual?

Liminal Earth appears to be a mixture of humor and seriousness, a playground the place actuality dissolves, the place each religious researchers and distant onlookers are welcome to share their tales, nevertheless quick or tall.

Like Wikipedia, the accuracy of any crowd-sourced database comes underneath scrutiny. It’s left within the viewers’ thoughts to deal with it with no matter stage of skepticism they need. “What’s Fact?” teases the Liminal Earth FAQ.

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