Underwater Stonehenge: Huge monument made by ancient civilisation discovered off coast of Sicily

Archaeologists have found what they consider is the stays of an enormous man-made monument constructed by an historical civilisation that serves an analogous, mysterious, function to Stonehenge.

A report printed in Science Direct particulars how a 12-metre-long man-made monolith was found within the deep sea off the coast of Sicily in what was as soon as an island referred to as the Pantelleria Vecchia Financial institution.

They consider that the monument, which was break up in half, got here from an historical civilisation from greater than 10,000 years in the past, however was ultimately submerged throughout an enormous flood.

The statue has three holes in it with one going proper by the center in what’s described as a “distinctive and important construction”, say authors Zvi Ben-Avraham from the Division of Earth Sciences at Tel Aviv College, and Emanuele Lodolo, from the Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale (OGS) in Trieste, Italy.

They write: “The invention of the submerged website within the Sicilian Channel might considerably broaden our data of the earliest civilisations within the Mediterranean basin and our views on technological innovation and improvement achieved by the Mesolithic inhabitants.

3-D perspective view of the high-resolution bathymetric map the place the monolith has been found Lodolo et al/Journal of Archaeological Science: Studies

“The monolith discovered, product of a single, giant block, required a reducing, extraction, transportation and set up, which undoubtedly reveals necessary technical abilities and nice engineering. The idea that our ancestors lacked the data, ability and know-how to take advantage of marine sources or make sea crossings, have to be progressively deserted.

“The latest findings of submerged archaeology have definitively eliminated the thought of ‘technological primitivism’ typically attributed to hunter-gatherers coastal settlers.”

They added the discover exhibits how little we nonetheless know of early civilisations: “The concept early human ancestors as soon as lived on the sea-floor of contemporary seas simply fascinates and attracts our creativeness.

“What’s extra shocking, and till not too long ago poorly recognised, is that an in depth archaeological file of early settlements nonetheless stays on the sea-floor of our continental cabinets … The overwhelming majority of marine geophysicist and archaeologists have now realised that to hint the origins of civilisation within the Mediterranean area, it’s essential to focus analysis within the now submerged shelf areas.”

Supply www.ibtimes.co.uk

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