UFOs Observed on Navy Radar Systems

Open Minds UFO Radio: Kevin Day is a retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty
Officer who specialised in radar methods. He’s a TOPGUN air intercept
controller with greater than 20 years expertise in strike group air
protection together with war-time operations. In November of 2004, off the
coast of San Diego, Kevin was a radar operator on the united statesPrinceton,
a part of the united statesNimitz Service Strike Group. Over a number of days unknown
objects have been noticed on radar. On a number of events, plane have been
directed to search out the objects. The pilots reported seeing 40 foot-long
Tic Tac formed objects that carried out exceptional maneuvers past the
functionality of our plane. This incident was made well-known in a New York
Occasions article in December 2017 during which it was additionally revealed the
Pentagon had a secretive UFO investigation program. On this episode, we
discuss to Kevin about what he skilled in 2004.

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