UFOs Around the World: Norway

For the previous a number of months, I’ve been conducting interviews with main UFO researchers from international locations world wide in an effort to color a clearer image of worldwide UFOlogy right now.

This week, our world UFO trek transports us to the idyllic setting of Norway, and to filmmaker Terje Toftenes, who has explored the UFO enigma in his acclaimed documentaries The Portal: The Hessdalen Gentle Phenomenon and The Day Earlier than Disclosure.

Terje Toftnes

RG: Who’ve been the defining figures in Norwegian UFOlogy over the previous 70 years, for higher or for worse, and why?

TT: As the primary investigator of the Hessdalen UFO-phenomenon and an internationally established lecturer on these matters, Dr. Erling Strand is definitely a defining determine in Norwegian UFOlogy. Additionally vital are Mentz Kaarbø and Ole Brænne for his or her position as editors of the one Norwegian UFO journal for the reason that seventies. Being the current chief of Norwegian UFO Middle, Oftedal is a big determine. This listing must also embody people comparable to Kenneth Jacobsen and Arnulf Løken, who’re long-time leaders of native UFO teams. Additionally worthy of inclusion are Bjørnar Hvidsten, an Oslo-based occasion organiser and UFO activist, and Terje Wulfsberg, a Westcoast-based occasion organiser and UFO activist. I might additionally embody myself because the producer of two internationally rewarded documentaries on the UFO topic: The Portal – The Hessdalen Gentle Phenomenon and The Day Earlier than Disclosure, each of which can be found on Vimeo via my web site.

Dr. Erling Strand, of Mission Hessdalen.

RG: Apart from the anomalous lights usually sighted round Hessdalen, what do you take into account to be essentially the most compelling Norwegian UFO incident on file, and why?

TT: There are such a lot of, from the “Ghost Rockets” of the 1940s, to a number of reviews of shut encounters with landed craft and face-to-face conferences with ETs. Many retired airliner pilots I’ve met with have advised me privately about quite a few incidents with UFOs throughout their careers.

RG: Why is Hessdalen so vital? What clues, if any, would possibly it supply as to the underlying nature of the UFO enigma?

TT: Hessdalen obtained nationwide consideration from February 1981, as reviews got here of every day observations of lights and structured craft shifting up and down the small valley. For extra details about this, I might suggest my documentary, The Portal. Hessdalen has been visited by many researchers and scientists from everywhere in the world, amongst them Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who proclaimed that Hessdalen was a “UFO-laboratory” as a result of excessive frequency of observations there within the 1980s.

A well-known time-lapse picture of the mysterious Hessdalen lights.

RG: Is Hessdalen nonetheless an lively space for UFO sightings?

TT: Sure, nonetheless lively however not as a lot in order within the 1980s and 1990s.

RG: What’s the Norwegian authorities’s official stance on UFOs? When was the final time it issued an announcement on the topic?

TT: The topic of UFOs doesn’t appear to be a noticeable to our authorities, and I can’t recall any feedback made by any officers.

The Norwegian Ministry of Defence constructing in Oslo.

RG: Does the Norwegian Ministry of Defence have an official UFO investigations unit?

TT: To not my information.

RG: Has the Norwegian authorities proven roughly transparency on the UFO topic than the US authorities?

TT: No information have been launched from our authorities. It’s merely not a subject right here.

RG: Does Norway have a nationwide UFO investigations organisation right now, and what number of smaller Norwegian UFO teams are you conscious of?

TT: We’ve a bunch referred to as Norwegian UFO heart that collects reviews and presents them of their journal, along with articles on the topic. It’s printed 4 occasions a 12 months. Some smaller non-public teams of engaged folks have been organised through the years, however nothing vital. Truly, only recently, in Could 2019, we had a full-day convention on the UFO topic in Oslo, and it gathered 100 attendees. Not unhealthy!

RG: What are essentially the most lively areas of Norway for UFO sighting reviews hotspots?

TT: Hessdalen might be nonetheless the place, and, so far as I do know, some fjords on the west coast.

RG: Have you ever personally had any UFO sightings?

TT: As soon as, in Hessdalen. Round midnight, sitting on a mountain high with a number of folks. Two shiny lights appeared proper above us, hovering side-by-side for 20 seconds earlier than they shot into the celebrities. No sound. Fairly wonderful!

RG: How lengthy have you ever been concerned within the UFO topic; roughly what number of circumstances have you ever personally investigated; and what conclusions, if any, have you ever drawn concerning the underlying nature of UFO phenomena?

TT: I’ve been within the topic since I used to be a 12-year-old boy in 1962 and got here throughout a ebook on my father’s bookshelf: George Adamski’s The Alien craft have landed. He purchased it in 1954 after a UFO incident on a Norwegian airfield the place he labored on the time. A big disc had hovered over the distant army airfield and was seen on radar and by lots of the personnel there. This incident triggered my father’s curiosity, and later my very own. I’ve pursued the topic all my life and I’m satisfied of its legitimacy and significance. I consider we’re being visited—or, maybe extra precisely, monitored—by many ET teams. All the continuing craziness on this planet should be of nice anthropological curiosity to anybody on the market watching. I additionally consider that an obvious alien hybridisation programme is a key a part of this story, which continues to be unfolding. Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, John Mack, Barbara Lamb and lots of others have carried out an ideal job exploring this.

However, as Edgar Mitchell as soon as identified to me: “Beware, you might be coming into a minefield!” A lot dis-and-mis-information; so many wild conspiracy theories; so many self-proclaimed specialists and prophets with and massive egos, and so forth… these are uneven waters to sail. The reality is on the market—sadly, it’s not at all times down right here. That’s one of many causes the media has saved its distance, as a substantial amount of UFO reviews are laborious to confirm. Quoting somebody who’s later proved to be a fraud doesn’t effectively serve the publishing companies. I can perceive the editors’ reluctance. It may be very unclear at occasions what one ought to consider or not.

RG: How can Norwegian UFOlogy, and UFOlogy usually, higher itself?

TT: It depends upon what your objectives are. Are UFOs one thing we “want” to drive on most of the people, or is that this a phenomenon that by itself attracts the people who find themselves prepared for it? I type of really feel the latter is the place I stand in the mean time. What we will greatest do is to assist make credible data obtainable, however folks should determine for themselves whether or not or not they want to interact with it. It’s an evolutionary course of; one which that can not be pushed an excessive amount of. It should observe a pure stream. We can’t save the planet by yelling out that UFOs are actual, however by presenting credible data via high quality shows, we will create a curiosity for this and different “paranormal” phenomena, displaying that they don’t seem to be paranormal in any respect, however truly fully regular and explicable. Mainstream science has simply not arrived right here but. Discovering that we aren’t alone within the universe and turning into part of a galactic brotherhood is prone to be a pure a part of our evolution and it’ll come when the world is prepared for it. However we in all probability should develop up first as a civilisation, and to self-discipline our barbaric nature, which nonetheless haunts us and retains guests at protected distance. Meantime, we UFO-nerds can benefit from the trip.

To be taught extra, go to Terje Toftenes’ web site, New Paradigm Movies. Additionally go to the Norwegian UFO Middle.

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