UFOs Around the World: Brazil

Over the following a number of weeks, I’ll be conducting interviews with main UFO researchers from international locations world wide in an effort to color an image of world UFOlogy as we speak.

Born in 1975 in Santa Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, Thiago Luiz Ticchetti has investigated greater than 30 UFO instances over 25 years. For greater than 10 years he was an lively a part of the Brazilian Entity for Extraterrestrial Research (EBE-ET), turning into vice chairman of the group. He has been a part of Revista UFO journal since 1997, the place he began as a volunteer translator, turning into a marketing consultant, worldwide coordinator and ultimately co-editor. He’s at the moment answerable for the  journal’s month-to-month column, “Mundo Ufológico.” Since 2019 he has held the place of president of the Brazilian Fee of Ufologists (CBU). In 2017 Thiago Luiz was appointed as Assistant to the Worldwide Director of Mutual UFO Community (MUFON) in Brazil and as a MUFON licensed area researcher. Writer of dozens of texts for the Revista UFO journal, he has printed 9 books, together with: UFO Crashes (2002), Information to Extraterrestrial Typology (2014),  and Uncommon World: The Log E book – Half 1 and a couple of (2015). He’s at the moment a columnist for UFO Reality Journal.

RG: Who’ve been the defining figures in Brazilian UFOlogy over the previous 70 years?

TLT: Many ufologists have contributed positively to UFO analysis in Brazil over the past 70 years, however three particularly come to thoughts: Irene Granchi, Claudeir Covo, and A.J. Gevaerd. Irene and Claudeir, now deceased, virtually lived for UFO analysis. Each had been extraordinarily severe researchers and used science to research the instances they investigated. They had been actual area researchers. Gevaerd is as we speak, in my view, one of the vital lively ufologists on the planet. Editor of UFO Journal, an lively publication for greater than 30 years, he’s an instance for all ufologists in Brazil. His dedication and the seriousness with which he offers with UFO phenomena make him stand out as one of many best of all time.

RG: What do you take into account to be essentially the most compelling Brazilian UFO incident on report, and why?

TLT: There are numerous. It’s tough to decide on only one. Brazil is among the largest UFO hotspots on the planet. We had “Official UFO Evening” in 1986, when greater than 20 UFOs had been chased by navy plane, noticed by floor witnesses and detected on radars in a number of cities. We had Operation Prato, a secret investigation by the Brazilian Air Drive in 1977 that went to a number of cities in northern Brazil to analyze unusual UFOs that fired lightning at individuals and sucked their blood in an occasion generally known as “chupa-chupa.” A whole bunch of pictures, many already launched to the general public, had been taken, and dozens of hours of movies of those objects had been captured by the navy. These movies are nonetheless underneath the secrecy of the Brazilian authorities. However, undoubtedly, essentially the most well-known and vital case in Brazil was the Varginha Case, when, in 1996, a UFO crashed within the metropolis of Varginha, within the state of Minas Gerais, and its crew had been seen by dozens of individuals earlier than being captured by the navy and metropolis firefighters. The case turned much more weird as a result of demise of a navy man for causes not but clear after his bodily contact with one of many aliens.

An artist’s impression of an alien entity reportedly witnessed by members of the general public and later captured by the Brazilian navy and firefighters on Jan. 20, 1996 within the municipality of Varginha. Scroll to the top of this interview for a very good documentary in regards to the Varginha incident.

RG: What’s the Brazilian authorities’s official stance on UFOs? When was the final time it issued a press release on the topic?

TLT: Sadly, the Brazilian authorities doesn’t grant due significance to the topic. They produce other, extra “vital” issues. Brazil had in its fingers a crashed UFO and its extraterrestrial crew and it handed them over to the US navy.

The Brazilian authorities has by no means given any statements about UFOs. This topic is dealt with by the Brazilian air pressure, and the final time it was talked about was in 2010, when the Brazilian Aerospace Protection Command (Comdabra) was issued the 551 / GC3 Report, which makes the command answerable for receiving and cataloging UFO notifications.

The Nationwide Congress of Brazil (any resemblance to alien craft is solely coincidental. Most likely.)

RG: Does the Brazilian Ministry of Defence have an official UFO investigations unit?

TLT: No. As I stated earlier, the Brazilian authorities has no specific curiosity within the challenge. In 2013, the Brazilian Fee of Ufologists (CUB) met with representatives of the Military, Navy and Aeronautics within the Ministry of Protection to request the discharge of UFO stories nonetheless underneath the secrecy of the navy. We left with the promise of a brand new assembly to outline the creation of a civil-military group to analyze the phenomenon. Sadly this assembly by no means occurred, because the authorities of then-President Dilma Rousseff collapsed, which led to her impeachment.

Members of the Brazilian Committee of UFO researchers (CBU) and representatives of the Armed Forces assembly in 2013 on the Brazilian Ministry of Defence to debate public entry to navy UFO paperwork. The assembly was historic, however in the end not as fruitful as was initially hoped. Famed ufologist A.J. Gevaerd is pictured on the backside proper of the body.

RG: Has the Brazilian authorities proven kind of transparency on the UFO topic than the US authorities?

TLT: The Brazilian authorities doesn’t reveal something, as it isn’t questioned by the media about this challenge. When one thing ufological occurs and features prominence by the press, the federal government is silent or disinterested. The one individuals who the federal government on the UFO challenge are ufologists, and the reply, more often than not, is that there is no such thing as a report of such a case. We now have in our favor the Data Transparency Act, one thing much like FOIA within the US, however we nonetheless don’t imagine that the Brazilian authorities is trustworthy in its responses. We all know the Authorities lies.

RG:  Does Brazil have a nationwide UFO investigations organisation as we speak, and what number of smaller Brazilian UFO teams are you conscious of?

TLT: Sure, we’ve got the Brazilian Ufologists Fee, which on the nationwide stage seeks to obtain and examine UFO instances. I’m the present president of CBU and we’ve got had many attention-grabbing instances.

As for smaller teams, we now have about 20 to 30 teams that we all know of and are lively. We’ve had much more, similar to unbiased ufologists. Immediately there are few ufologists who’re area researchers. The overwhelming majority desire to make their feedback in entrance of a pc display screen.

Countryside in Minas Gerais, a very lively area for UFO stories in Brazil.

RG: What are essentially the most lively areas of Brazil for UFO sighting stories?

TLT: Brazil as an entire is a UFO hotspot. We’re a continental nation, a mix of races and cultures. However primarily based on the instances we’ve got obtained, the states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo and the north, northeast, and central-west areas are those which have essentially the most data.

RG: Have you ever personally had any UFO sightings?

TLT: Sure, in 1982, after I was eight years previous. I lived in Rio de Janeiro and I noticed a pink gentle seem within the sky and slowly descend to a mountain. Some time later the sunshine started to rise, turned brighter, made a pendulum motion and fired into house.

RG: After 25 years within the UFO area, what conclusions, if any, have you ever drawn in regards to the underlying nature of UFO phenomena?

TLT: I’ve not but come to conclusion in regards to the exact nature of the phenomenon. What I’m certain is that we’re being visited by clever beings aboard plane with expertise far past ours. The principle query shouldn’t be whether or not we’re alone within the universe, as a result of I already know for certain. What we’ve got to reply is who these beings are, the place they arrive from and what they need.

RG: How can Brazilian UFOlogy higher itself?

TLT: We want new ufologists, individuals able to devoting a lot of their lives to ufological analysis, however, most of all, whether or not they be area researchers, detectives, or journalists, we’d like individuals who go after the info instantly; individuals who spend extra day out within the area than in entrance of their pc display screen.

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