UFO Sightings Have Been Steadily Decreasing Since 2014

In early June, three US senators got categorised data by the Pentagon on UFO sightings ‘ the newest group of presidency officers to be briefed on UFOs. It got here amid information that US Navy pilots had been reporting elevated encounters with UFOs.

However an INSIDER evaluation of UFO sightings reported by civilians discovered that sightings have been steadily reducing for the previous 5 years, after a peak in 2014.

INSIDER analyzed information from the Nationwide UFO Reporting Heart (NUFORC), a rural Washington-based group that has been gathering studies of UFO sightings since 1974.

Date: 2019-07-05
Writer: Angela Wang
Twitter: @thisisinsider
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To not change the subject right here:

Breaking Down Cartersville’s Newest UFO Sightings

UFO sightings by no means actually left the information, however they’ve arguably by no means been extra prevalent. Navy pilots just lately spoke of seeing mysterious objects ‘ with no discernible engine or exhaust fumes ‘ flying at hypersonic speeds.

President Donald Trump just lately stated he was briefed on UFOs. A gaggle of Senate lawmakers obtained a categorised briefing this week about such objects. And let’s not get began on that unusual Fb video that appears to indicate a creepy-looking alien doing a little form of jig down somebody’s driveway.

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