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UFO salute with three unidentified flying objects in a single photograph was truly the final photograph I took on Might 25, 2017. There are two elongated objects and one spherical. One object appears to trigger condensation, the salute…

The above image is cropped however unedited. It has been magnified 200% and you’ll barely see the 2 giant elongated vessels and the sphere. The identical image was processed with Auto Distinction and Brightness in Adobe Photoshop see under.

UFO salute with three unidentified flying objects (contrast / brightness)

The 2 elongated objects look cigar-shaped within the image above. They is also disc-shaped however with out the hump. They don’t seem like alien craft to me. The spherical object, the sphere, might be associated and acts as a probe perhaps?

UFO salute with pure condensation?

The UFOs are clearly there and one in all them trigger one thing that appears like condensation. An plane could cause pure condensation as vapor trails or a vapor cone however that is no terrestrial plane.

UFO salute with condensation?

Natural condensation?

This isn’t a standard craft and the so-called condensation or no matter it’s appears unusual. It has three foremost sources on the thing (see under), three concentrations of the white substance. Above it, it appears like it’s drifting off the thing (see above).

Condensation three sources

Discover the condensation-TAG for extra on these kind of objects.

The UFO salute photograph ended my investigation inside a secluded pasture in relation to a creature sighting I had there the day earlier than on Might 24, 2017. That investigation produced 173 photographs and created this UFO photograph gallery

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