UFO Over Newbury Left Local Dog Terrified

sighting left a pet terrified in Newbury, Berkshire. An unnamed witness has
reported into the Mutual UFO Community (MUFON) their UFO sighting on the night time of
February 13. Based on the report, they had been strolling their canine in Boxford,
West Berkshire when out of the blue a black triangle zoomed overhead, flying at practically
40 miles per hour.

The UFO was
shifting with out noise and about one kilometre
within the sky, in accordance with the witness. They mentioned that the mysterious object
harking back to a soccer stadium mild.

The witness
wrote of their report that the 2 main edges appeared longer than the rear aspect, round 60-40 p.c.

The rear
edge appeared like a lightweight strip showing a bit like a basic sci-fi mild
drive, in accordance with the report. The lights had been like those within the soccer
stadium however not as shiny.

The witness
noticed flashing pink and white lights on the ideas the place white could have been
fixed, and pink was flashing. They did
not discover lights beneath, and the
physique satin/matte black.

The witness
seen their canine seemed to be disturbed
because it jumped round three or 4 instances and made a squeaky noise.

investigators are nonetheless verifying the report.

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