The Strange Story of Brad Steiger’s Doppelgangers

On the matter of doppelgangers, states:  “Doppelgänger, (German: ‘double goer’), in German folklore, a wraith or apparition of a residing particular person, as distinguished from a ghost. The idea of the existence of a spirit double, an actual however often invisible duplicate of each man, chicken, or beast, is an historic and widespread perception. To satisfy one’s double is an indication that one’s demise is imminent. The doppelgänger grew to become a preferred image of horror literature, and the theme took on appreciable complexity.” Then, there’s the next from Mythology.internet: ” Tales of doppelgangers date again to historic fantasy and legend. The theme of an evil twin or haunting ghost duplicate have featured quite a few occasions in literature and artwork, depicting an innate fascination with the idea, whether or not actual or imaginary. The idea of a superb and evil twin is famous way back to the 5th century BC, in an historic Iranian faith referred to as Zoroastrianism. The 2 primal spirits have been the sons of time and represented darkness and lightweight.”

All of which brings me to the matter of, as per the title of this text, the unusual story of Brad Steiger’s very personal doppelgangers. It was just a few years in the past that Brad shared with me the extraordinarily bizarre saga. He mentioned: “After greater than 50 years of analysis within the UFO and paranormal fields, I’ve come to the conclusion that lots of the mysteries that bedevil us are merchandise of a reflexive phenomenon.  This reflexive motion doesn’t often happen within the extra mundane pursuits of structure, business, mining, agriculture and the like, however as soon as one begins actively to pursue Ufology or psychical analysis, one runs the chance of coming into a surreal world during which the same old bodily legal guidelines don’t apply.”

Surreal, certainly, as the next phrases from Brad made abundantly clear: “Within the following circumstances I think a human company was concerned in an odd marketing campaign that was carried out concerning Steiger imposters who spoke at varied conferences round the US. On events the imposters allegedly carried out themselves very properly, thus making the entire enterprise of ‘Counterfeit Steigers’ a seemingly futile challenge. On different events, the imposter’s project was fairly clearly to taint my status.

“On a unlucky variety of events, I obtained letters complaining of my outrageous and insulting conduct whereas talking at a convention. There have been claims that I had overtly berated my viewers, calling them silly for accepting the very premise of UFOs. A detailed pal occurred to reach on the scene after one pseudo-Steiger had departed and tried his greatest to guarantee the sponsors of the occasion that the rowdy, disrespectful speaker couldn’t have been the true Brad.  In his letter, my pal warned me that he had visited various lecture halls the place the imposter had damned his audiences. ‘Somebody appears out to wreck your status,’ he suggested.

“In a most weird twist, dozens of women and men have approached me at varied lectures and seminars, congratulating me concerning the method during which I bested Dr. Carl Sagan in debate. The occasion allegedly occurred after a lecture after I occurred to stumble upon the nice scientist in a restaurant.  The eatery, in keeping with the witnesses, was crowded with those that had attended the seminar, they usually egged on a debate between myself and Dr. Sagan.  I mopped up the ground with him, countering his each argument in opposition to the fact of UFOs. The reality is that I by no means met Dr. Sagan, due to this fact, neither had I ever debated him. However from coast to coast, there are those that declare to have witnessed my triumphal bout.

“Much more people declare to have been within the viewers after I delivered a rousing message from the Area Brothers in Seattle.  No matter how usually I deny that I used to be not in Seattle at the moment and have by no means channeled the Area Brothers, those that have been at that occasion are puzzled why I’d deny my eloquence.”

Really, a weird and sinister story.

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