The Pentagon Finally Admits It Investigates UFOs

“[The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP)] did pursue analysis and investigation into unidentified aerial phenomena.”

The New York Put up is reporting that it acquired an unique admission from a Division of Protection (DoD) spokesperson that the Pentagon not solely has investigated however nonetheless does examine unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) or unidentified flying objects (UFOs for you traditionalists).

Wait a minute … didn’t we already know this?

“Introduced right here is the primary official proof launched by the US authorities that may be rightfully designated as credible, genuine affirmation that unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) are actual.”

That’s from the well-publicized (and rightly so) announcement in late 2017 revealing each the one-time existence of the top-secret Pentagon program often called AATIP and three movies taken by US navy planes in 2004 of unidentified aerial phenomenon. The announcement confirmed that AATIP was defunded in 2012 however The New York Occasions found was nonetheless in operation. What this newest unique by the New York Put up is is outwardly the primary public admission by the DoD that that is true.

“The Division of Protection is all the time involved about sustaining constructive identification of all plane in our working setting, in addition to figuring out any overseas functionality which may be a risk to the homeland. The division will proceed to research, by means of regular procedures, reviews of unidentified plane encountered by US navy aviators in an effort to guarantee protection of the homeland and safety in opposition to strategic shock by our nation’s adversaries.”

The Put up quotes DoD spokesperson Christopher Sherwood within the article, however doesn’t give any additional info than the above admissions. For that, it turned to Nick Pope, the well-known former member of the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) who secretly investigated UFO sightings. Pope referred to as The Put up revelation a “bombshell” and makes positive he will get just a little oblique credit score for it.

“This new admission makes it clear that they actually did research what the general public would name ‘UFOs’. It additionally reveals the British affect, as a result of UAP was the time period we used within the Ministry of Defence to get away from the popular culture baggage that got here with the time period ‘UFO’.”

Popular culture baggage? That’s a special sizzling debate happening in U.S. UFO/UAP circles. This “unique” by The Put up ought to add to the present sizzling debate about UFO/UAP disclosure. Will it occur? Is there actually something to reveal? Are they aliens, overseas plane, our personal secret exams or one thing else? Sadly, the Put up article ends after quoting investigator John Greenewald Jr. of The Black Vault, who calls it “official proof — that mentioned, ‘Sure, AATIP did cope with UAP instances, phenomena, movies, images, no matter.’” The Put up says it reached out to former Nevada senator and AATIP approver Harry Reid – who isn’t working for something and ought to be open to questions on bulletins like this – however acquired no response.

Greenwald hopes extra from the DoD is forthcoming, however he’s nonetheless enthusiastic about The Put up’s unique as a result of:

“… at the least we’re one step nearer to the reality.”

Now, again to the talk concerning the “popular culture baggage” of the time period “UFO.”

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