The NAZI Breakaway Civilization Antarctica

Dr. Michael Salla talks concerning the US Air Power Secret Area Program – Shifting ET Alliances and Area Power, the Reptilian and Nordic Alien Alliances and the breakaway German colony in Antarctica.

Many thought scary and critical subjects which are desperately essential within the human race transferring ahead as a civilization in these mysterious instances we face.

The Reptilian and Nordic Alien Alliances and there position within the cosmic scale of issues.

The alliances are using extremely superior applied sciences together with the black triangles (TR3B) to assist obtain a few of their agendas.

He additionally discusses among the International Gamers agendas and their alliances with these extraterrestrials and the Secret agreements with a breakaway German colony in Antarctica (the Fourth Reich) and completely different extraterrestrial teams within the 1950’s.

(The German breakaway colony in Antarctica consisted primarily of scientists and different essential individuals who had been immediately concerned within the Nazi Germany aviation program which included the Foo Fighters, The NAZI UFOs and for instance the Horten Ho 229, a flying wing.

That plane , the Horten Ho 229 – is perhaps a footnote in aviation historical past, nevertheless it was resulting from its aerodynamic secrets and techniques up to now forward of its time. Aside from the query the place these applied sciences got here from, it’s mentioned that NAZI Germany has moved these applied sciences to Antarctica, too, see Operation Highjump.)

Photographs: The Horten Ho 229.

Dr. Salla states how america has been ran by the Fourth Reich particularly NAZI ideologies since World Struggle 2 and the way the US Airforce was deceived by the Deep State and the Sinister Fourth Reich which ultimately led to the switching of alliances to Human Trying Extraterrestrials (The Nordics).

Afterward within the interview Dr. Salla talks concerning the coming Moon missions and the way that correlates with the Alien Alliances agendas which are at play on this international stage.


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