The “Fake” Roswell Alien Autopsy Video May Have Been Real

The 17-minute grainy black and white video that appeared to indicate three authorities pathologists in full-body hazmat fits inspecting and dissecting a pale, potbellied alien corpse that was discovered on the Roswell UFO crash in 1947 could in actual fact be genuine.

The “alien post-mortem tape” was launched in 1995 after Ray Santilli claimed to have acquired the video in 1992 from a retired cameraman with the U.S. navy. He ended up promoting the alien video to a number of tv stations in 33 totally different international locations. It was solely when one other filmmaker named Spyros Melaris admitted that the 2 had faked all the video that the world lastly relaxed after a lot concern and paranoia consumed the world after they believed that an post-mortem was being performed on an precise alien.

Nonetheless, there’s now a brand new twist that signifies that the footage was in actual fact actual. A leaked 2001 memo was supposedly despatched to aerospace billionaire Robert Bigelow from physicist Eric Davis that alleges a former CIA scientist named Package Inexperienced was “briefed three totally different occasions throughout and after his tenure on the CIA on subjects related to UFOs and the Roswell Incident Alien Post-mortem”.

It’s believed that the leaked info originated from late astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s archives. A part of the memo learn, “After Package left the CIA he was known as into the Pentagon by an individual in uniform.” It went on to say, “This particular person confirmed Package the alien post-mortem images and studies, and so forth…” That’s when, in 2001, Package evaluated the knowledge and gave his skilled opinion on what he had been briefed on. Apparently, the proof that was proven to Package was of the identical corpse that was seen within the 1995 video footage from Santilli.

The ultimate abstract of Package’s analysis learn, “The Alien Post-mortem movie/video is actual, the alien cadaver is actual, and the cadaver seen within the movie/video is similar because the images Package noticed on the 1987/88 Pentagon briefing.” An much more surprising revelation is that Package admitted that alien forensic tissue and organs have been being saved at Walter Reed-Armed Forces Institute for Pathology Medical Museum positioned in Washington, D.C.

Whereas there’s nonetheless a lot hypothesis and confusion on whether or not the video is in actual fact actual, a number of high UFO researchers are backing the movie and so they embody Linda Moulton Howe, Grant Cameron, and Richard Dolan.

“These phrases from Dr. Package Inexperienced concerning the authenticity of the six-fingered, six-toed human dissected after retrieval from a 1947 UFO crash, it’s affirmation that the Santilli movie video is actual,” said Moulton Howe in a video.

A video, in addition to footage, of the “alien post-mortem tape” will be seen right here.

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