Richard Felix’s Stone Tape Experiment and Jacqueline Dixon’s capture! Derby Gaol

Over the weekend I seen a buddy captured one thing which me when she was out investigating Derby Gaol.

Jacqueline Dixon went to considered one of Richard Felix’s investigation nights at Derby gaol and through this investigation he conducts a experiment which he names ‘The Stone Tape Principle’ experiment.

The stone tape concept is a concept launched within the 1970s as a potential rationalization for ghosts. The concept is that vitality may be saved inside supplies, equivalent to partitions and {that a} recording or monitor is recorded inside that materials throughout moments of excessive rigidity for instance throughout a homicide. This saved vitality can then be launched leading to a show of the recorded exercise and this may be proven to us like a video clip (a apparition) or a improve in bodily exercise for instance listening to voices and footsteps.

From the seems to be of the experiment, Richard makes use of a plasma ball positioned in a field, a smoke machine dealing with upwards which supplies off totally different lights and that is backed onto a stone wall, which I’m assuming is a wall the place plenty of exercise has been reported. Individuals throughout the vigil are then requested to take footage to see what they could seize and Richard calls out for spirit to point out itself.

This type of experiment is a type of ITC and this specific seize pursuits me rather a lot.

A plasma ball can be utilized in two methods when investigating the paranormal as a set off object or has a vitality supply for the alleged haunting.

On this case it’s used for a software to assist spirits vitality to manifest.

Smoke utilized in such experiments is believed to present spirit the substance it must present itself extra clearly and the totally different mild tones support this additionally.

Sceptics will say its merely pareidolia and make no mistake I do know it could possibly be however what I wished to do was put it to my Fb group to see if folks may see what I did.

Some members stated they might see a ladies, some stated a person however the primary factor that identified was that many stated they seen the identical options I did, in precisely the identical place and that was a nostril, eyebrows, eyes and a mouth, located simply above the sunshine and barely off centre.

Once more, rather a lot will say that is merely pareidolia and I 100% agree it may or could also be….however im open minded and who’s to say this experiment didn’t support a spirit/s in the event that they do exist to manifest?

Its a experiment that has definitely myself and a experiment I might even attempt myself within the coming weeks!

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