« Presence, UFOs, Crop Circles and Exocivilizations »

The Morpheus Publishing Home is glad to introduce to you their first english printing of Presence by Denis Roger Denocla. This e book is the fruit of a number of years of teamwork analysis and particularly with an evaluation of the Ummo’s paperwork. It makes an attempt to present a transparent and coherent studying of the UFO and Crop Circle phenomena, from a wholly new perspective :
* An unprecedented enquiry into the origins and objective of Crop Circles;
* A panorama of our alien house guests, primarily based on the crossing of 1000’s of paperwork;
* A Manifesto for the Recognition of Exocivilizations;
* The presentation of a revolutionary cosmology and of a unified physics principle;
* The key of how UFOs transfer inside the framework of a twin cosmology;
* Patents for antigravitational house engines from a wonderfully terrestrial origin;
* An extraterrestrial Cosmobiophysics;
* The primary deciphering of an ET language;
* A couple of hundred 3D footage and explanatory diagrams.