Oxford University Prof Claims Aliens Are Here and Breeding with Humans

“So, they arrive not for the sake of us, however for the sake of them, their survival, (however their survival is definitely our survival as effectively) the survival of your entire biosphere.”

Dr. Younger-hae Chi teaches at Oxford College, so he should know what he’s speaking about … proper? Positive, he teaches Korean, however that hasn’t stopped him from delving into different topics … like the concept aliens are right here and breeding with people to create hybrids that will probably be higher suited to outlive on their residence planet … and ours.

“It might be kind of assumed that the hybrid challenge is a response to this impending demise of human civilization.”

A latest article in The Oxford Scholar recounts a lecture, titled “Alien Abduction and the Environmental Disaster” which Dr. Chi introduced in 2012 on the Ammach (Anomalous Thoughts Administration Abductee Contactee Helpline) Convention in Nottingham. Ammach was based in 2011 by Joanne Summerscales and Miles Johnston to supply emotional help to traumatized abductees.

“Many individuals expertise ridicule, vilification, isolation apart from what they’re going by. We provide non-judgmental interviews and a chance to speak about it.”

Dr. Chi reportedly advised attendees he’s a follower of longtime U.S. abduction researcher Dr. David Jacobs who believes second era human-alien hybrids are within the means of colonizing Earth. Chi blamed this on local weather change.

“It might be kind of assumed that the hybrid challenge is a response to this impending demise of human civilization.”

Nonetheless, he thought on the time that if we piddly people really took motion in opposition to local weather change, we may cease the hybridization and “show aliens mistaken of their judgement of our ethical capability.”

Nicely, we’ve seen how THAT turned out.

Dr. Chi has now written a e book about these and different aliens titled “Alien Visitations and the Finish of Humanity.” He advised The Oxford Scholar in regards to the 4 varieties of aliens already on Earth – “small; tall and daring; aliens with scales and snake eyes; and eventually, insect-like aliens” – and warned that the insect aliens dominated over the remaining. Nonetheless …

“What’s frequent is that they’re all conducting some sort of organic experiment, together with the manufacturing of a hybrid.”

So, apart from within the motion pictures, why don’t we see people with antennas, fly heads or six bushy legs? Chi explains that it’s our fault.

“I don’t assume they’re from far-off, they’re simply subsequent to us, we are able to’t see them. We are able to use an analogy of fish which may assume and understand issues solely in the way in which they’ll and people additionally understand solely in the way in which we are able to, so our notion of the world is restricted by our organs.”

That’s too dangerous, as a result of Dr. Chi additionally factors out that these aliens aren’t precisely right here on Spring Break from their very own Oxford College.

“One risk is that they discover our DNA priceless for the preservation of the inventory. Secondly, to create species which may survive sooner or later local weather situations…Thirdly, some abductees report that these hybrids are of a really excessive intelligence, so are they producing these hybrids as a problem-solver, a future chief?”

An issue solver and future chief for them … or for us? Dr. Chi thinks it’s each, however says he’s undecided both is an effective reply.

“Judging from the way in which the ETs are performing they’ve a greater view of our future, maybe it’s pointing to a pessimistic future.”

After which he launched an alien hybrid to clarify intimately what occurs subsequent.


Gotcha! In fact he didn’t … he already mentioned we puny climate-changing people can’t see the aliens, so it appears logical that we would not be capable of see their children both. Or at the least their alien elements. Nonetheless, the true purpose is that that is all simply Dr. Chi’s concept, and …

“I’m nonetheless searching for extra proof to help my view.”

Will he discover it? Or ought to he stick with instructing Korean to sensible children?

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