Oumuamua-like Alien Craft found on Google Sky

It isn’t the primary time big cigar-shaped UFOs have been noticed on google sky or by telescope.

The next object has been discovered by TruthSeeker on Google Sky which resembles an enormous cigar-shaped craft.

The cigar-shaped craft is similar to notorious Quamuamua and even it’s the equal of our battleships or submarines.

Moreover,you’ll be able to see the type of bridge on high of this craft and a big sq. hangar or docking facility for smaller incoming and outgoing UFOs on the craft’s facet.

This discovery confirms as soon as once more that such interstellar alien spaceships do exist.

The craft is 1,400 meters width and 120 meters excessive and might be discovered on the next Google sky coordinates: 2 41 32.38 7 53 16.51


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