Open Minds UFO Radio: Bryce Zabel

Open Minds UFO Radio: Bryce Zabel has created and produced 5
primetime tv collection, together with fan favorites Darkish Skies and The
Crow, and labored on a dozen TV writing staffs (Lois & Clark, Taken).
A produced characteristic (Atlantis, Mortal Kombat) and miniseries author
(Blackbeard, Pandemic), Bryce’s newest movie, The Final Battle, based mostly on a
New York Instances bestseller, shall be shot by StudioCanal subsequent yr in
Europe. He was the primary author since Rod Serling elected to function
Chairman/CEO of the Tv Academy, and is a winner of the
prestigious Writers Guild award for screenwriting. He has taught
screenwriting as an Adjunct Professor on the USC College of Cinematic
Arts, reported on-air as a CNN correspondent, and received a number of awards
for investigative reporting for PBS. His Breakpoint alternate historical past
guide collection is the winner of the Sidewise Award. The newest guide within the
collection is As soon as There Was a Manner, a novel about The Beatles staying
collectively. He’s growing Unidentified in regards to the race to interrupt the
Roswell story, and Captured in regards to the Betty and Barney Hill abduction.
His guide A.D. After Disclosure with Richard Dolan was the primary guide
devoted completely to the Disclosure matter.

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