Official State Commission (CEFA) Rejects 22 UFO Cases

Argentina: Official State Fee (CEFA) Rejects 22 UFO Circumstances

The Comisión de Estudio de Fenómenos Aeroespaciales (Aerospace Phenomena Examine Fee, or CEFAE) has launched an 80-page report protecting their evaluation of UFO pictures for the 12 months 2018, successfully dismissing twenty-two (22) protecting the previous 5 years. The report additionally features a beautiful rejection of the landmark Caso Bariloche (The Bariloche Incident of 1995) by which an airliner was supposedly harassed by a UFO that induced a complete blackout within the metropolis of Bariloche.

The report itemizes the instances investigated by the committee – a dependency of the Argentinean Air Drive and the Ministry of Protection:

1) CASO BANFIELD – Pcia. de Bs. Aires (9/1/2018)
2) CASO SAN JOSÉ DE JÁCHAL – Pcia. de San Juan (30/1/2018)
3) CASO SANTA ROSA DEL CONLARA – Pcia. de San Luis (21/2/2018)
4) CASO FELIPE GRECZNY – Chivilcoy; Pcia. de Bs Aires (2/4/2017)
5) CASO ROBERTO MONDRAGÓN – Valle de la Luna; San Juan (6/7/2013)
6) CASO SANTA LUCÍA – Pcia. de San Juan (24/3/2018)
7) CASO NELSA CARMODI – Los Menucos; Pcia. de Rio Negro (1/4/2018)
8) CASO FLAVIO SOLFERINO – Ciudad de Buenos Aires (6/4/2018)
9) CASO CAPILLA DEL MONTE – Pcia. de Córdoba (11/4/2018)
10) CASO OMAR GREGORIO – Mendoza (17/5/2015)
11) CASO DIEGO CRESPO – Campana; Pcia. de Bs. As.
12) CASO PAOLA CARCO – Capilla del Monte, Pcia. de Cba.
13) CASO ELISARDO URRUTIA – En vuelo sobre Pto. Iguazú
14) CASO CRISTIAN ORELLANA – Va. La Angostura, Neuquén
15) CASO CAMPANA – Pcia. de Bs. As. (17/10/2018)
16) CASO JESÚS GUTIÉRREZ – (19/7/2018)
17) CASO DANIELA GARCÍA – Pilar, Pcia. de Bs. Aires (14/11/2018)
18) CASO FABIANA GANDOLA – Neuquén Capital (28/2/2017)
19) CASO DINA OSUNA – Banfield; Pcia. de Bs. As. (19/12/18)
20) CASO ARIEL MUÑOZ – Media Agua, Pcia. de San Juan (25/2/2018)
21) CASO GRAL ROCA – Pcia de Rio Negro (17/12/2018)

The itemized report concludes thus:

Statistical Knowledge
: 22 instances analyzed – 22 instances solved = 100%

Optical causes (lenses, sensors or reflections): Eight instances
Inside reflections within the lens set (lens flares): 2 instances
Exterior reflections (on home windows, clouds or portholes): Three instances
International our bodies on the lens or porthole: Three instances

Organic causes: 10 instances
“Flying rod” (RODS) impact brought on by an insect photographed over an extended publicity time: 1 case
Birds or bugs flying in entrance of the digicam (with no rod impact): 9 instances.

Astronautical causes: 2 instances
Iridium satellite tv for pc flash: 1 case
Synthetic satellite tv for pc transit: 1 case

Objects launched into the air
: 1 trigger
Helium balloons in bunches: 1 case

Suspended industrial objects: 1 case
Safety digicam lights: 1 case

Closing Suggestions:

“As evidenced, the organic causes (birds or bugs) had been predominant as a result of each time individuals take pictures of a panorama normally with out having seen any flying object that caught their consideration beforehand, and furthermore, when somebody deliberately takes pictures of the sky “to see if one thing reveals up”, the probability of a chook or insect crossing the digicam’s path could be very excessive, decreasing the {photograph}’s strangeness index to zero, until one chooses to consider that there are lots of of UFOs which can be “solely seen to the digicam” by advantage of being in “one other frequency” (as some “researchers” blithely maintain with out offering any particular parts to help such an announcement). In truth, the birds and bugs weren’t in any “alternate frequency” separate from our pure world. Resulting from this equality of situations (Occam’s Razor), birds or bugs will at all times represent a stable foundation for fixing the case, particularly when their wings and different organic traits stand out throughout an enlarged inspection of the article. For that reason we ask our recurring witnesses who take photos of the sky “to see if one thing reveals up” to please limit themselves to sending pictures or movies of objects which have caught their consideration earlier than deciding to {photograph} them. Thanks for visiting our web page. Cmdr. (Ret.) Rubén Lianza, Director CEFAE.

IPACO software program was employed in conducting the evaluation and point out is made all through the doc of the usage of “Occam’s Razor” as the principle investigative method. IPACO was developed in 2008 with financial help from CNES, the French house company, as a part of the investigative operations of GEPAN – now GEIPAN – aimed toward investigating anomalous phenomena.

The 1995 case is defined away as “a mirrored image of the floodlight being operated from the Rocket Discotheque” including {that a} witness – Sergio Segade – had confirmed the trail adopted by this klieg gentle. “It may be deduced that the identical luminous stimulus seen by Segade coincides with the principle UFO seen by all different witnesses. No proof was discovered that would refute the opportunity of contemplating one of many platform’s lighting towers because the likeliest reason behind the ‘flash’ seen, owing to an overvoltage previous to the overall blackout” that plunged Bariloche into darkness.

[Our thanks to Luis Burgos of FAO and ICOU for providing this information]

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