North Carolina Man Accidentally Films UFO on Facebook Live Video

After they’ve exhausted all different accessible means—abduction, partaking navy plane, shutting off our nuclear missiles—perhaps the aliens lastly found out methods to get our consideration: Fb reside. Everybody and their uncle appears bent on broadcasting themselves into the uncaring void that’s the web, so it’s about time the aliens jumped on board as properly.

Daniel Patterson of Liberty, North Carolina was filming one such Fb reside broadcast earlier this 12 months when a UFO briefly flew overhead. In line with WMFY 2 Information in Greensboro, North Carolina, Patterson didn’t see the item as he was filming, however was made conscious of it afterwards. Patterson says:

“I didn’t comprehend it was there it was dropped at my consideration by another person that’s on within the video and mentioned, ‘Hey Dan, did you see the UFO?’ and I mentioned no.”

The UFO in query solely seems briefly within the video. A shiny gentle seems over Patterson’s head and flies away.  It lasts solely a few frames within the 13-minute video.  WMFY slowed the video down and took some display pictures, and it does appear like it could possibly be an object. It additionally seems prefer it could possibly be a spot of glare. The incident is being investigated by MUFON, however they haven’t but launched a dedication of what the item is.

If it’s truly a UFO within the video, then the closest factor to what it seems like is that this dangerous boy.

For Daniel Patterson, the incident was a religious expertise. He says:

“For me, the Holy Spirit was current in these moments.”

Within the video, Patterson stands on his property and says he doesn’t have a lot to say however felt compelled by God to movie a video. He talks about his love for his household and decries the tendency of individuals to evaluate others. It’s a video of a person appreciating his life, giving thanks, and hoping to do good. It’s fairly heartwarming. It’s additionally pretty attention-grabbing that of all of the instances a UFO may present up on a Fb reside video, it does so when the particular person felt compelled by the next energy to begin filming and speaking about that form of stuff. After all, that added religious weight might have contributed to the interpretation of the item as a UFO. If it was only a man exhibiting off his property, would the UFO be instantly and routinely written off as a spot of glare?


Contemplating that the video was filmed with the solar straight behind Patterson’s head, I’m inclined to imagine that the UFO is simply glare from the solar. However who is aware of? Perhaps if all of us simply begin streaming each waking second of our lives, we’ll lastly have some definitive proof. So get on the market, hit file, and perhaps a UFO will present up and I’ll grossly misrepresent you as an individual.

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