New book reveals strange world of people who claim to have had sex with…aliens! |

There’s a surprisingly giant quantity of people that declare to have had intercourse with aliens – from those that declare to have been compelled, to keen members.

A brand new e-book edited by maverick UFO researcher Timothy Inexperienced Beckley explores this world – and its surprisingly lengthy historical past.

Since 1957, and the peak of the ‘Flying Saucer’ period, folks have claimed to have had intercourse with aliens.

Some declare to have fathered hybrid youngsters: others declare to have been subjected to humiliating abuse.

Beckley says, ‘You will note that now we have approached the sexual nature of UFOs, their alien occupants, and the replica strategy of the Extremely-terrestrials with an open thoughts.

‘It’s simple to chuckle and guffaw upon studying experiences of anal probes and people who declare that they’ve fathered a quite giant household of star youngsters, or who’ve intercourse with reptilians nearly each Saturday evening.

‘We admit to a little bit of chuckling infrequently ourselves, however that is doubtlessly a vital side of UFO analysis that for probably the most half has been uncared for due to what some see as its offensive nature.’

Nigel Watson, writer of the UFO Investigations handbook, who contributed a chapter to the e-book, Screwed by the Aliens, says that such encounters really pre-date the UFO period, with earlier encounters having been described as ‘demons.

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