Maj. Gen. John A. Samford’s Statement on “Flying Saucers”, Pentagon, Washington, DC, 07/31/1952

Shot Checklist: MS, doughnyut formed piece of fabric suspended by a wire. MSs, CU, Gen Samford, USAF Intelligence Chief, discusses the “flying saucer” as a result of he says it’s an obligation of the Air Power to analyze something within the air which may show a risk to the nation. His findings are that the majority of the 12,000 reviews acquired are hoaxes. He credit others as being the results of plane or meteorological and astronomical phenomena. He reveals that there’s a sure proportion of credible observations however there’s not sample or measurement for evaluation. His conclusions are that they signify no risk to us. He provides that alien craft usually are not the results of a secret growth by any US company. A civilian seated on the desk is addressed by off-screen interrogator as Maj Kehoe (?) and queried on the origin of his ebook, “Flying Saucers Are Actual”. Kehoe states his perception that “alien craft are of inter-planetary origin and cites a report of pilots who encountered the objects.

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