Lockheed Martin Physicist Says US Government ‘Has Something to Do with the Tic Tac UFO’

None of us could have any concept what the hell is happening with the Navy and UFOs anymore, however I’ll inform you one factor: the Ferrero sweet company should be loving the entire free publicity this entire Navy UFO saga has given to considered one of their flagship candies: the Tic Tac. May all of this be some genius and far-reaching viral advertising and marketing for the diminutive candies? It’s maybe nearly as good as another idea.

I ponder how all of this has affected Tic Tac gross sales.

The now-infamous Tic Tac UFO incidents have shaken the ufological world like few different accounts have, and the following media frenzy appears to have even prompted the Navy itself to revise its protocols for a way personnel doc sightings of anomalous objects. Over the past two years, everybody with an curiosity in UFOs or the unexplained has speculated about who or what may be controlling the objects, with theories spanning all the plausibility gamut: aliens, interdimensional beings, an underwater race of clever people, mom nature herself, personal aerospace companies, the U.S. army itself, or maybe another superpower. I’m certain I left some out. The purpose is, no one has any clue.

Whereas we’re no nearer to understanding these incidents or the latest media blitz surrounding them, unusual rumblings have been taking place currently which appear to counsel that somebody is aware of who or what could also be flying Tic Tacs round America’s airspace. Many have speculated that all the Navy UFO saga could one way or the other be a misinformation marketing campaign or psychological operation based mostly on curious coincidences that maintain including up and unusual statements made by U.S. authorities or army personnel. May the Tic Tacs be ours?

An alleged image of the Tic Tac UFO.

An alleged picture of the Tic Tac UFO.

The newest unusual assertion got here this week through Quora, a web based question-and-answer website that typically attracts enter from consultants in numerous fields. In a Quora submit from this month, Lockheed Martin workers physicist Ibteesam Reaz replied to the query “What are probably the most believable explanations of Navy pilots seeing hypersonic objects at 30Ok toes, objects with no seen engine and typically described as a dice inside a sphere?” In his response, Raez says that after all of the reported circumstances are taken into consideration, there’s just one doubtless reply: the Tic Tac UFOs are American.

Replace 6/21: Raez’s response has since been deleted, as has Raez’s Linkedin account. An archived model of the submit could be discovered right here.

It’s vital to level out that simply because Reaz is a physicist at Lockheed Martin, he doesn’t essentially have any insider info we’re not aware of regarding this actually confounding and still-unfolding saga of the Navy and peculiar objects bouncing across the sky, ignoring the legal guidelines of physics. The actually spooky high secret analysis initiatives are so tightly compartmentalized that few souls are ever made conscious of them. Nonetheless, in his Quora response, Reaz says that based mostly on the circumstantial proof surrounding these sightings – the conspicuous location and timing of the sightings, the plainclothes personnel who confiscated recordings of the incidents – he feels we’re “left with a stronger impetus to take a position that the US authorities does certainly have one thing to do with the Tic Tac.” 

Tic Tacs

Now I can’t cease salivating interested by these candy, candy Tic Tacs.

Reaz is fast to notice although, that if the U.S. authorities or American personal aerospace companies are certainly flying these beyond-next-generation plane, “the aerospace engineers who aren’t aware of the main points of how the craft works are being performed for fools” and wonders “why are we losing a lot sweat, arduous work, cash when some choose group of individuals actually have expertise that’s past the attain of contemporary physics?” 

Does that query actually must be answered? Consider the billions of {dollars} of wealth that may be redistributed as soon as the subsequent actually paradigm-exploding scientific breakthrough modifications every little thing about human transportation and vitality era as we all know it, to not point out the far-reaching geopolitical ramifications such a breakthrough would have. May the Tic Tac certainly be a secret U.S. aerospace challenge that’s too harmful to disclose as many have speculated?

Tune on this week to Unidentified for a complete lot of goatees, tacticool backpacks, and never plenty of solutions.

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