Joe Rogan “Pushed Over The Edge” About UFOs After His Recent Podcast With Bob Lazar

Joe Rogan, who is clearly well-known, has at all times had an curiosity within the UFO/Extraterrestrial phenomenon. That being stated, we right here at Collective Evolution have at all times felt that he failed to have a look at the precise proof that exists on the market in a correct means. Anyone who examines the proof for the existence of UFOs, which is now not a taboo topic below the conspiracy realm, can’t deny their existence.

Be it radar trackings, excessive rating whistle-blower testimony, launched photos and movies and admittance from excessive rating authorities officers and paperwork that these craft have been “retrieved” for examine, there’s a plethora of proof that exists making the truth of UFOs fairly clear.

For years, Rogan, in some methods, ridiculed the topic whereas un-acknowledging or just not realizing about this proof, but nonetheless had an open thoughts in the direction of it.

Even in his interview with Lazar, he ridiculed the concept that some extraterrestrials could also be involved with Earth, and that some persons are having contact with extraterrestrials. Clearly, in the event you consider ET’s have been visiting, and are visiting, like Rogan now does, then how far off the road is it to consider that they’re making contact with people? This isn’t mentioned within the podcast, once more, it was solely ridiculed. That is one other case of Rogan not doing his analysis.

Take Dr. David Jacobs, a retired college professor, and Younger-Hae Chi, from the College of Oxford, each of them have hypnotically regressed individuals who declare to have had ET abduction experiences. After 1000’s of individuals, all of them share the identical story. That’s only one instance, what concerning the case of greater than 60 college kids in Zimbabwe who witnessed a craft and aliens who supposedly had a telepathic impact on them, warning them we’re destroying our planet. Lots of them had disturbing visions, and are nonetheless talking concerning the encounter as we speak, which was made public by Harvard psychiatrist John Mack. You may learn extra about that story intimately, right here.

What about bizarre declassified paperwork considering the place they arrive from and the way their crafts work? What about, once more, the testimony from tons of of excessive rating folks world wide?

We’ve got, certainly, been contacted — maybe even visited — by aliens, and the US authorities, in collusion with the opposite nationwide powers of the Earth, is decided to maintain this info from most of the people. – Victor Marchetti, former particular assistant to the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Company (Second Look, Quantity 1, No 7, Washington, DC, Could, 1979)

What concerning the founding father of Bigelow aerospace who stated that that “they” are already right here?

What about navy personnel like Lord Admiral Hill Norton, former Chief of Defence Employees, 5 Star Admiral of the Royal Navy, Chairman of the NATO Army Committee, who stated that that there’s a very actual chance that we’re being visited by folks from outer area

What concerning the story of tall black extraterrestrial humanoids from the legendary aeronautical NASA engineer Norman Bergrun.

These are a number of of numerous tales that aren’t to be ridiculed…When you’re going to hearken to somebody like Bob Lazar with an open thoughts, you’d suppose that tales like this might be examined with an opened thoughts by the likes of Rogan as nicely, as an alternative of ridiculed.

Lazar talks and has talked about supposed “Grey’s” which might be from totally different star programs. Rogan brings up the concept that “they don’t have any intercourse organs.” That is inserting all eggs in a single basket. The analysis reveals that we may very well be and have been visited by quite a lot of totally different species which additionally embrace human trying beings as nicely. To say “that is what they appear to be” is just not accountable and negates that the analysis reveals, once more, that we’re and have been visited by a number of races over an extended time period.

To be sincere, there are in all probability trillions of races that span throughout a number of universes which might be doing star journey, and that doesn’t even embrace multi dimensional beings.

Positive there could be some “crazies” on the market, however that’s a stereotype. It’s fairly clear we’re being visited, presumably by each malevolent and benevolent beings, who is aware of, and that there are some very credible sources for these claims, extra so than Lazar.

I additionally discover Rogan often takes a ‘worry’ or ‘freaked out’ sort of perspective.

That is why it caught my consideration when he determined to have Bob Lazar on his podcast. Bob Lazar is man who, a long time in the past, claimed to have labored for the federal government at prime secret amenities on UFO expertise. I discovered this fascinating as a result of Bob Lazar, who is taken into account credible by most within the discipline, however not all, is simply somebody sharing a supposed story. I discover it fascinating that that is what pushed Rogan “over the sting” (as he tweeted) when once more, there are mountains of very credible items of proof, be it tons of of excessive rating testimonies (astronauts, academicians, navy personnel, astronauts and so forth), or paperwork detailing numerous UFO encounters which have been had with the navy. These actually maintain much more weight than a person who’s identification can’t actually be verified.

I simply needed to reiterate that.

There’s additionally plenty of credible info on the market concerning the supposed extraterrestrials that man a few of these craft. So, once more, why did somebody who is just sharing a narrative, push him over the sting when there was and is a lot extra on the market?

This doesn’t imply that I doubt the story of Bob Lazar, I’m merely making a degree. For instance, early on within the episode he speaks on how he labored on the reverse engineering of UFO expertise. I’ve written quite a few articles on reverse engineered UFO expertise that gives much more element than easy witness testimony from somebody who has a background that can not be verified, though I do consider Lazar could also be who he says he’s.

Under are hyperlinks to 2 of my most up-to-date articles that present plenty of element and examples of that, so I received’t go into it right here. If , you possibly can discuss with the articles under, they’re fairly current.

Video: The Most Important Leak About Extraterrestrial Craft Simply Went Public

U.S. Authorities Has Particles/Materials From UFOs Says Excessive Rating Authorities Official

With all of this being stated, the truth that Joe Rogan was blown away by Bob Lazar is a constructive factor for the UFO neighborhood. For years this topic was ridiculed, proof was buried and folks have been “hushed” up. As I’ve stated many instances earlier than, an “official marketing campaign of ridicule and secrecy” (Ex-CIA Director Roscoe Hillenkoetter) of the phenomenon.

Right this moment, it’s a special story, and though the mainstream media and the worldwide elite who personal them could also be placing UFO disclosure on the market within the open for the needs of utilizing it for their very own pursuits, many individuals are waking as much as the truth that one thing is occurring right here.

Positive, there’s plenty of deception within the discipline, and plenty of misinformation, however buried inside this ruble are a number of truths. These truths are what threatened the worldwide elite and their agenda in a number of alternative ways for thus lengthy, and nonetheless do. One instance can be propulsion programs and ‘free’ vitality, for instance. The checklist goes on and on. That’s a a lot deeper dialogue.

I at all times discovered a clip of Edward Teller, often called the “father of the hydrogen” bomb refusing to reply a query about Bob Lazar fairly fascinating, you possibly can view that right here.

To hearken to Lazar’s full dialogue with Rogan, under.

The Takeaway

It is a subject that leaves no side of humanity untouched. It has enormous implications, and we should at all times query why mainstream media is beaming this out quickly. Is there an agenda? Will lies and manipulation be concerned. There’s sufficient details about this topic that mainstream media doesn’t cowl nor acknowledge that’s really mind-altering. The truth that they don’t acknowledge it means the minds of the lots, whose notion they management, stay fully unaware of it. One thing to consider…


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