Haunted Pennard Castle

By ceridwen, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=14027879

Deep within the coronary heart of the gorgeous Gower Peninsular, a coastal space in South Wales, U.Okay, lies the village of Pennard.  On the outskirts of the village, overlooking the gorgeous Three Cliffs Bay, lie the ruins of Pennard Fort.  The earth and timber, ringwork citadel was constructed within the early twelfth century, after the Normans invaded Wales.  By the fourteenth century the citadel partitions had been rebuilt utilizing stone.  A settlement developed across the citadel and a church was recognized to have existed inside this settlement.

Pennard Fort – Historical past

Buck, Samuel, 1696-1779 Buck, Nathaniel, artist. Buck, Samuel, 1696-1779, engraver.

There is no such thing as a proof to recommend that Pennard Fort was ever attacked.  Historians consider that as a consequence of sandstorms within the space, sand dunes constructed up across the citadel, most likely inflicting irreparable injury which led to the citadel and surrounding space changing into deserted.  All that exists in the present day are the citadel ruins and a single wall from the church.

The Verry Volk

pennard castle
By ceridwen, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=14027879

Though little is understood in regards to the historical past of Pennard Fort, there’s loads of native legend related to the citadel, which paints a colourful image of instances previous.  One of the crucial well-known fables tells of the Verry Volk or Fairies of Gower.

Fort Legend

The legend states that the Lord of the citadel was a terrific warrior chief recognized for his expertise in battle.  Throughout a time of battle, he acquired a message from a Prince who promised him a reward of his alternative in alternate for his assist in profitable a battle.  As soon as the battle had been gained the Lord selected the Prince’s stunning daughter as his reward.  The Prince had no alternative however to agree as he had given his phrase.  The Prince’s daughter agreed to marry the Lord and he organized a terrific feast for his wedding ceremony night time.

In the midst of the night time, while the celebrations continued, the guards heard music coming from exterior the citadel.  On investigation, they noticed fairies carrying lamps and dancing to the music as they approached the citadel.  That they had come to hitch within the wedding ceremony celebrations however the Lord, in a drunken rage on the disturbance, attacked the fairies.  This angered the fairies they usually exacted their revenge by bringing a few horrible storm which whipped up mounds of sand across the citadel, destroying it within the course of.  The sand dunes nonetheless exist in the present day.  It has been stated that across the time of the sandstorm a considerable amount of sand disappeared from Eire.

There just a few variations of this story however all of them inform of a Marriage ceremony feast and fairies conjuring up a storm as revenge for the way in which through which they have been handled.  Some say the individuals fled, others say that they have been suffocated by the sand.

A haunting at Pennard Fort

There are different legends which have been advised about Pennard Fort.  Considered one of these was {that a} Wizard constructed the citadel in a single day to maintain himself secure from assault by the Normans.

There’s additionally a narrative of a maiden who dedicated suicide by leaping from the close by Penrice Hill, right into a lake.  She supposedly did this after avenging the loss of life of her lover.  It has been stated that anybody who encounters the ghost of this maiden will go insane.

The citadel can be believed to be haunted by the spirit of a winged Witch, often known as ‘Gwrach-Y-Rhibyn’ or ‘Hag of the Mist’.  It is a Welsh spirit which has been in comparison with the Irish Banshee and the Scottish Cailleach as a result of wailing and screeching sounds that she makes when warning of impending loss of life.  

She is described as being a hideous wanting girl with stick skinny legs and arms, unkempt black hair, sunken eyes, lengthy black enamel, pallid corpse like options, leathery wings and wearing an extended black gown.  She is alleged to claw and peck at anybody who tries to sleep on the place the place she resides.  Historically the Gwrach-Y-Rhibyn is present in or close to a supply of water.  There’s a stream which leads as much as the ocean at three cliffs Bay so there’s a supply of water in shut proximity to the citadel.  The Spirit which haunts the citadel is alleged to have positioned a curse there and anybody who stays therewill not survive the night time.

Pennard Fort Is A Vacationer attraction

Though there’s not a lot left to see of the citadel, it is a standard spot for vacationers and locals as a result of gorgeous views.  Some guests declare to have seen fairy rings on the website of the citadel’s stays.  The fairies aren’t believed to be dangerous to anybody however it could be unwise to upset them.  Despite the fact that this a stupendous website to go to it’s unlikely anybody would select to spend the night time there if they’re conscious of the legends of Pennard Fort!!

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