From Whistleblowers to Demons in the Department of Defense

Again in 2010, I wrote a e book known as Ultimate Occasions; a e book that turned out to be very controversial. It was targeted on the key analysis and conclusions of a small think-tank-type group within the U.S. Authorities that believed (and nonetheless believes) that the UFO phenomenon is demonic in nature and origin. I might not have been capable of write the e book had it not been for a person named Ray Boeche, a priest and UFO researcher/author. In November 1991, Ray met with two individuals hooked up to the clandestine program. The pair had main issues concerning the place issues have been going. Ray was instructed that a number of the individuals engaged on the Division of Protection program fell unwell. There have been unusual runs of unhealthy luck. And, there have been even deaths – of at the least three individuals. These on the challenge have been attempting to work together with what they termed Non-Human Entities, or NHEs. In pretty fast time, nonetheless, the group got here round to the idea that what they have been actually coping with have been demons. It’s essential to notice one thing that not many notice: particularly, that Ray was not the one individual to work together with the 2 DoD guys.

Ray revealed that in a subsequent chat together with his sources within the Division of Protection, in Might 1994, he introduced up the matter of Linda Howe’s e book, Glimpses of Different Realities, Quantity 1: Information & Eyewitnesses. The pair was very eager to learn Howe’s e book. In consequence, a duplicate was quickly of their palms. After studying it, the pair had a fantastic deal to say about the entire controversy. The communication to Howe started as follows: “Expensive Ms. Howe: Your e book is a superb, thought-provoking work. General many salient factors are lined fairly effectively. Following are some random notes on your consideration. Examine David Bohm’s Wholeness and the Implicate Order. A lot perception into the mechanics of the NHEs (non-human entities) may be gained from examine of his concepts. He’s on track together with his ideas, and our program is trying, sadly to take advantage of them.”

They continued: “Maybe a greater description could be that the mechanics of the NHEs potential to work together with our bodily actuality is what Bohm’s work particulars, and the contact with the NHEs has occurred, and can proceed to happen, no matter our understanding of the mechanism of the contact. Our misguided program administrators cling to the false perception that we will management or manipulate the NHEs, when actually, the reverse is going on – we’re those being manipulated and deceived. Mobile modifications in crops from inside real crop circle formations are because of the identical kind of power launch/publicity as that used within the so-called ‘unfavourable therapeutic’ experimentation. As soon as once more, [the] forces being utilized by NHEs, to work together with us in a weird, complicated method, designed to divert us and draw our consideration from the true objective of their actions: manipulation and deceit.”

The 2 males then addressed two different points: cattle mutilations and black helicopters: “The penultimate diversion on this entire space is the mutilation of 1000’s of animals. The NHEs, with the power to work unseen (learn invisibly), and to create incisions and excise tissue in manners which appear humanly unattainable (as a result of they’re) and to both stay completely undetected, or to create the phantasm of aliens (the obvious UFO/phantom helicopter sightings, and concomitant occupant sightings typically related to the occasions), present a particularly efficient smoke display. Individuals at the moment are busy chasing secret authorities initiatives, satanic cults, and UFOs, whereas the precise perpetrating brokers go unsuspected. Relating to the phantom helicopters, whereas many are direct NHE ‘productions’ (craft just isn’t an applicable time period as they don’t must journey by way of a propulsion machine), many are associated to our program, particularly concerning working checks and surveillance on mutilation websites and so-called abduction victims.”

There was way more to say: “The remark left in your phone answering machine referenced on Web page 194 (Glimpses, Vol. 1) might very effectively have been made by somebody throughout the authorities hierarchy who has been convincingly fed the false ET situation propagated as disinformation by those that are answerable for the NHE initiatives. Many variations of this exist, and all who’re aware about a selected variation are satisfied they’ve ‘the reply.’ With our society as it’s now, the core fact of the scenario is such that the general public actually couldn’t deal with it. The final word diversionary tactic thus far (and diversions will start to extend in frequency, diploma of strangeness, and in a extra overt vogue, seen to better numbers of observers) is the UFO abduction situation. The idea of those occasions, actual although they’re, being the results of aliens is a masterful piece of disinformation to divert consideration away from the true supply of the NHEs. Our data as to the true nature of those occasions doesn’t negate the potential for extraterrestrial life. However the causal supply of the UFO and UFO abduction phenomena just isn’t extraterrestrial.”

“The so-called Roswell crash of 1947 did certainly happen and particles of a non-earthly sort was discovered, as have been non-human our bodies,” the DoD males stated. They added: “Though in our place we can not converse with authority, we consider that there’s a foundation in reality for Bob Lazar’s story of government-held ‘craft.’ Nevertheless, the origin just isn’t extraterrestrial. The NHEs being handled in our psi (thoughts management) weapons improvement, and who’re apparently permitting themselves for use, for a time, are neither benevolent nor impartial. It was our feeling that only a few might perceive or settle for this. That’s the reason we approached our mutual pal (Ray Boeche). His theological coaching, his acceptance of orthodox Christian thought, and his apparent skills as an astute researcher, appeared to point to us that we would successfully talk our issues by way of him, and nonetheless preserve our positions, which might allow us to precisely monitor the continued work. He has made some blunt statements which run counter to the positions of his friends, and has been roundly criticized by many for his place, however we desperately hope that at the least some are listening.”

The difficulty of “deception” was additionally on their minds: “Your feedback and ideas (in Glimpses of Different Realities) regarding historical civilizations and their contacts with the NHEs should be thought-about in mild of the larger image of the deception of mankind as a complete. If this grand deception is taking the course it appears to be, then it makes full sense to research the false gods of historical civilizations in mild of the present stage of deception. It’s only logical that given their non-human, other-dimensional nature, the NHEs would have the ability to foresee the necessity to set up a foundational base, the details of which may very well be barely twisted, or distorted, by the fog of antiquity and forgotten cultural distinctiveness, to seemingly set up themselves because the bringers of all good issues to humanity. Discover [Jacques] Vallee’s Passport to Magonia once more, for extra shut parallels between the ‘faerie’ manifestation of the NHEs, and present occasions. Dr. Vallee was so near the reality of the scenario, with the exception that the final word manipulators will not be human.”

They concluded: “You will have created a outstanding piece of labor which helps to start to level to the ultimate fact behind the phenomena. Our mutual pal may very well be most useful to you in explaining particulars of the deception. We, on our half, will probably be pleased to reply particular questions it’s possible you’ll want to put to us. You have to perceive, nonetheless, that some issues merely can’t be mentioned. Please transmit your questions and or issues by way of our pal. We consider you possibly can perceive our want for discretion, and the knowledge of limiting the variety of direct contacts we make. We applaud your efforts, and we look ahead to your subsequent quantity. You’re a very vibrant and clearly brave lady who appears to recollect the maxim, ‘You shall know the Fact, and the Fact shall make you free.’ With our sincerest finest needs.”

It’s intriguing to notice that in Wholeness and the Implicate Order, which Ray Boeche’s sources urged UFO researcher Linda Howe to learn, creator David Bohm stated that: “Within the enfolded [or implicate] order, area and time are not the dominant components figuring out the relationships of dependence or independence of various components. Quite, a completely completely different kind of fundamental connection of components is feasible, from which our strange notions of area and time…are abstracted as varieties derived from the deeper order.”

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