Fear Mongering or is UFO Secrecy Crumbling?

Secrecy on UFOs has been with us for a lifetime. At occasions it has appeared like it will final ceaselessly.

For the previous few years, nevertheless, the media has handled the topic moderately in another way and since late 2017 ufology has been in a fevered state with new revelations, new media protection, and a a lot enhanced “model” total.

Almost all of this is because of To the Stars Academy (TTSA). TTSA’s latest TV present, Unidentified, portrayed a number of army encounters with UFOs, and greater than as soon as – many occasions, actually – used the phrase “risk” in connection to those encounters.

We’ve to imagine TTSA that there’s a “risk” or is that this simply worry mongering and if that’s the case, what would possibly the agenda be?

Or, is there any legitimacy to contemplating UFOs as not less than a possible risk or are we on a path towards some type of disclosure? If that’s the case, is it one thing full, partial, and even false, as some argue?



Hyperlink to Half 2: TTSA: Worry Mongering or Not?

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