Evidence That Elon Musk Is an Alien

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Final night time, Elon Musk prompt that Earth is just a simulation from an alien race’s online game. Why would Musk say this? As a result of he’s a kind of aliens.

It’s straightforward to get a kick out of Musk’s quirky quotables. However the nearer you take a look at his phrases and actions, the extra you’ll begin to see: He’s an alien who got here from one other galaxy to assist save humanity. Right here’s proof.


SpaceX is only a entrance so he can have someplace to retailer his personal house transportation automobiles with out elevating suspicion. (All these “failed” launches—completely staged.) Why is Musk so hell-bent on getting rockets to depart our environment? As a result of ultimately, he must get residence.

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The plan to explode Mars

Musk raised greater than Stephen Colbert’s eyebrows when he really useful that we “drop thermonuclear weapons over the poles” of Mars. Why would anybody wish to lob nukes at an harmless planet? He claims it would heat the environment up sufficient to make Mars hospitable. However he actually needed to destroy it. I imply, if your personal race had lengthy been at odds with the extraterrestrials that reside on Mars, you’d wish to blow them up, too. It’s a part of the rationale he got here to Earth. Fortunately there now appears to be some form of treaty in place.

The plan to land on Mars

Persons are onto his plan and now he retains making the Mars jokes to throw us off observe.

The plan to “die” on Mars

Musk has mentioned a number of instances that he needs to retire and expire on the Crimson Planet. However that is actually simply so individuals gained’t discover that he went again to his personal planet.


No entrepreneur of their proper thoughts would get into the electrical car enterprise, which at present represents solely about 0.1 p.c of all automobiles offered. But Musk is pouring billions into his “secret grasp plan” to get transportation off fossil fuels, cut back world emissions, and subsequently stop a catastrophic warming of the planet. What’s extra, he proposed this fashion earlier than we even knew how a lot bother we had been in.


He by accident put the autonomous function on Tesla’s automobiles too early, forgetting that people weren’t as clever as his personal race.


What’s actually inside these Tesla Powerwalls? That’s simply it: Nobody is aware of.

The Gigafactory

Nobody wants a manufacturing unit that massive. He needed to construct it that massive so the enormous photo voltaic array on the roof could be highly effective sufficient to assist him talk together with his buddies again residence. Which can be why he needs to construct an web in house.

His data of the solar

“Lots of people don’t admire that our solar is a huge fusion explosion,” he mentioned final yr. He’s proper—individuals by no means would.

His data of interplanetary legislation

Why would he have an whole proposal for the best way to run a authorities on one other planet? As a result of he ran a authorities on one other planet.

His data of how comfy Dragon 2 could be for touring by way of the Photo voltaic System


He lives in Bel-Air

Come on, shopping for a home in Bel-Air is one thing you’d do if the one belongings you knew about LA had been from what you discovered on TV exhibits.

His ex-wife affectionally calls him a cyborg

“I do consider him because the Terminator. He locks his gaze on to one thing and says, ‘It shall be mine.’ Little by little, he gained me over.” That is one thing that Justine Musk, his ex-wife, truly mentioned.

No human has pores and skin that good. (Picture: OnInnovation)

The Hyperloop

Certain, it’s not a brand new concept. However nobody paid consideration to this idea till heproposed it and gave us just a few hints about the best way to do it proper. This concept—which makes much more sense in a place with out an Earth-like environment—is clearly the way in which they get round again the place he comes from. And the truth that he simply left the concept on the market, letting all these Earthbound corporations get the glory? Sensible.

Typically he forgets he’s not considered one of us. (Picture: Samferdselsdepartementet)

Bioweapon Protection Mode

And apparently we’re gonna want this Tesla function. As a result of…

He retains warning us about World Battle III

“I feel we have to acknowledge that there’s actually a risk of a 3rd World Battle, and if that does happen it may very well be far worse than something that’s occurred earlier than,” he mentioned final yr. Ominous as fuck! HE KNOWS.

He retains warning us concerning the robotic apocalypse

Why do you suppose he began Open AI? Why doesn’t he need autonomous navy tech? Why is he apprehensive that Google is turning into too highly effective? He’s seen all of it occur earlier than, you guys. He’s right here to cease it.

He can journey by way of time

Musk makes bizarre feedback on a regular basis the place it’s utterly apparent that he already is aware of what’s going to occur. Think about final night time’s alternate with Joshua Topolsky on the Code convention:

How may he have presumably guessed that Topolsky was going to ask that?

One other instance: He referred to as Apple’s automotive a missed alternative. Apple’s automotive has not even been made but—how would he know? Provided that he had already seen it. By touring by way of time.

He doesn’t behave like a human

He has been recognized to sleep at his desk (as a result of he doesn’t must sleep, clearly) and he thinks automobiles are constructed like infants. Then he tries to share issues that make him seem to be he has feelings, however he fails.

Simply take a look at him

Have a look at me, I’m an everyday human that will get popular culture references! (Picture: Arthur Mola through AP Photos)


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