Curiosity Rover Photographs Mysterious White Light on Mars

The extra time we spend driving robots round Mars, the more unusual issues we’re prone to see. Not the scientific kind of unusual, corresponding to the huge quantities of methane simply discovered on Mars, however the good, quaint “bizarre gentle within the distance” kind of unusual that’s been confounding UFO lovers down right here on Earth for the reason that invention of the digicam. Properly, we’ve bought cameras on different planets now, and with it comes unexplained mysterious lights within the distance.

NASA’s Curiosity rover snapped {a photograph} of the Martian panorama on June 16 that reveals a vivid white gentle off within the distance, towards the brown sand of the martian dunes. The {photograph} was taken by one in every of Curiosity’s “navcams,” two impartial black-and-white cameras which act because the rover’s eyes and may take 3D panoramic pictures, which NASA scientists use to map the Martian terrain. This {photograph} was solely taken by one of many navcams,  as the opposite was swiveled in the direction of the rover itself on the time, taking what the Unbiased calls “some sort of area selfie.” With solely half of the navcams snapping the picture, it’s unattainable to inform if the unusual white gentle is definitely coming from the floor of mars, or if it’s some sort of lens flare or different boring factor. Right here’s an image of the spooky Martian gentle in all its glory:

Credit score: NASA/JPL-Caltech

The sunshine additionally appeared in just one picture. The images taken instantly earlier than and instantly after don’t have any hint of it, that means that no matter it was, it appeared solely briefly.

Photo taken by curiosity 13 seconds later.

This picture was take 13 seconds later, and is lacking the mysterious gentle. Credit score: NASA/JPL-Caltech

The sunshine itself has a form that does resemble a traditional flying saucer UFO, which is unquestionably proof of 1 factor: NASA’s complete public relations division should have one monster of a karmic debt they should repay.  However clearly, and far to the chagrin of those poor scientists, NASA wanted to handle it, as a result of not doing so can be proof of a cover-up. Justin Maki, who’s in control of the workforce that constructed Curiosity’s navcams, says:

“Within the hundreds of pictures we’ve obtained from Curiosity, we see ones with vivid spots almost each week. These will be attributable to cosmic-ray hits or daylight glinting from rock surfaces, because the more than likely explanations.”

So, they’ve seen this stuff earlier than. What else haven’t you informed us, Justin? In all probability an entire lot of different boring stuff that you just by no means, in 1,000,000 years, thought you’d have to handle. This mysterious gentle is just mysterious as a result of it’s on one other planet and  photographed with a grainy black-and-white digicam. It’s attention-grabbing, nevertheless, to consider the completely insane quantity of mysterious issues we’re going to begin seeing because the numbers of off-world cameras enhance. One factor is for certain, NASA goes to wish to extend their PR funds.

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