Contacting Extraterrestrials by Automatic Writing – Allegedly

Frances Swan was a girl from Eliot, Maine, USA who claimed, in Could 1954, startling contact with aliens by way of automatic-writing. As for what automatic-writing really is, there’s this from the Psychic Parts weblog: “Computerized writing, also referred to as Spirit writing, is a psychic reward and often is the one of many best psychic skills to develop. Profitable automated writing is a robust expertise. Computerized writing is a approach to channel data (together with predictions and prophecy) and spirit power by way of writing. It’s the skill to permit instinct from exterior you to circulate by way of you. Computerized writing is a type of instinct that has been round for 1000’s of years. But it surely wasn’t till the late 1800’s and early 1900’s that it grew to become higher recognized by way of the worldwide unfold of the Spiritualism motion.”

UFO researcher Grant Cameron says: “Mrs. Swan started receiving messages in April 1954 from a gaggle of aliens who claimed they have been orbiting the earth in two giant satellites. The 2 predominant aliens within the group have been AFFA who commanded ship M-4, and PONNAR who commanded ship L-11. These aliens instructed Mrs. Swan that that they had a base on the moon, and that they have been right here to warn in opposition to many earthly pursuits reminiscent of the event of atomic weapons. These messages continued for many years, and drew the curiosity of the FBI, Navy Intelligence, and the CIA.”

It transpires that Swan’s actions had been not directly dropped at the eye of the FBI by retired Rear Admiral Herbert Bain Knowles. He simply occurred to be Swan’s next-door neighbor. And who lived down the road from Swan and Knowles? None aside from well-known alien abductees Betty and Barney Hill! Coincidentally or not, Knowles later grew to become a board director with NICAP, the Nationwide Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, which was shaped in 1956. Knowles helped Swan to pen a letter despatched to Maine Senator Margaret Chase Smith, which he, Knowles, personally endorsed. It was a letter that outlined Swan’s claims. From there, the letter was forwarded to the Secretary of Protection, whose workplace then circulated it to the FBI, Navy, Military, Air Power and, lastly, the CIA. For individuals who might not know, below the management of Main Donald H. Keyhoe, Marine Corps (Ret.), NICAP was virtually obsessive about the “interplanetary” idea for the UFO phenomenon.

FBI data on Swan exist and supply the next (together with far more of a special nature, which I’ll relate in a later article): “…Mrs. Swan said that there have been two spaceships from which she had been receiving messages. They have been described as 150 miles broad, 200 miles in size, and 100 miles in depth…these ships are designated as M-Four and L-11 and so they additionally comprise mom ships which measure roughly 150 to 200 ft in size…there have been roughly 5,000 of those mom ships…’Affa’ is the Supervisor of the Commander of the ship M-Four which is from the planet Uranus and ‘Ponnar’ is the Supervisor or the Commander of the ship L-11 which is from the planet Hatann…”

The FBI continued: “These contacts with ‘Affa’ and ‘Ponnar’ have been for the aim of defending our personal earth from destruction brought on by the explosion of the atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb, and wars of varied varieties which they, ‘Affa’ and ‘Ponnar,’ say disrupt the magnetic area of power which surrounds the earth…’Affa’ and ‘Ponnar’ are presently working the realm of the Pacific Ocean repairing ‘fault strains’ that are at risk of breaking.”

As is nearly all the time the case with messages obtained by way of automated writing, they didn’t reside as much as their preliminary promise. The mysterious Affa had assured Swan that he would seem in particular person for officers from the Workplace of Naval Intelligence (ONI), or would make contact by different means, on a specific date in the summertime of 1954. He didn’t. Nor did Affa’s prediction to Swan come true that: “…this earth is de facto going to finish as said within the Holy Bible round 1956.” All makes an attempt by ONI personnel to contact Affa by way of telepathy, within the firm of Swan, additionally failed.

In response to a categorized report ready by Mission Blue E-book’s Main Robert Pal, a secret assembly was held on July 9, 1959 at a CIA workplace in Washington below the route of Arthur Lundahl – of the CIA’s Nationwide Photographic Interpretation Middle. Current on the assembly was a consultant of the Workplace of Naval Intelligence, and 7 CIA officers. Three days previous to the July 9 assembly, a Naval Intelligence officer, one Commander Larsen, mentioned with Lundahl the failed Frances Swan/Naval Intelligence contact experiment of the summer time of 1954. Larsen was inspired to repeat the experiment, which concerned him “going right into a trance,” Pal later instructed author and filmmaker Robert Emenegger. This time it was stated to have been profitable: a flying saucer immediately appeared on the scene.

Documentation on this later incident referred to the sighting of an aerial craft described as being “spherical with the perimeter brighter than the middle.” However when checks have been made with radar operatives in Washington, “for some unknown motive radar return from the route by which the ship was supposedly seen had blocked out on the time of the sighting.”

The report additionally famous that, “The Navy signifies that by way of these contacts Mrs. Swan has been capable of reply technical questions past the extent of her schooling or background.” Whereas the Navy clearly didn’t rule out all that had gone down, I ought to stress that, in relation to Frances Swan’s claims, the Navy might actually have put issues in a far much less condescending and insulting vogue when it got here to the matter of  her “degree of her schooling or background.”

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