Another Newspaper Reports the July 1947 Sighting in La Plata

Supply: Agencia DIB – EL Plata (Argentina) Web page 3
Date: Saturday, July 12, 1947


La Plata Holds South America’s First Place in Having Seen the Phenomenon Clearly

** It Landed Previous to Disappearing Over an Orange Tree on 56 and 25**

The quiet neighborhood of 56th and 25th streets on this metropolis has been startled by the manifestation of a supposed ‘flying saucer’ over an orange tree. The phenomenon found final evening by a gaggle of neighbors was topic to quite a lot of conjectures, and with our attribute suspicion, it was additionally the butt of quite a few jokes that served to information the topic towards extra secure floor. Final evening’s chilly, the dearth of coal, the dearth of potatoes and different present considerations postponed dialogue of the phenomenon, which nonetheless has its personal scientific deserves.
Nevertheless, the violet gentle put forth by the notorious saucer and its surreptitious disappearance fifteen minutes after showing, set the stage for a winter’s evening magic present that served the aim, at the least, of harboring a conjecture, as harboring different prospects at zero levels was no straightforward job. We live amid the infernal music of a century that can find yourself telling us we’re the product of a standard chemical system!

Saucers and Cylinders in European Areas

Milan additionally had its “saucerful” yesterday. That’s to say, its alien craft streaking throughout the heavens, seen in appreciable quantity over Lake Como. To native residents, the phenomenon can solely be attributed to mass suggestion.

In Norway, nevertheless, the saucers was cylinders. Within the village of Skotfoss, some locals witnessed ‘unusual cylindrical objects’ flying placidly within the blue sky. They added, nevertheless, that the
[illegible] of those objects not being talked about, they have been as luminous as stars.

Saucers and Extra Saucers in Chile

The Chilean Press has echoed the flying disc sightings over the capital the evening earlier than final. Witnesses to the occasion have said that the aforementioned disks flew at an elevation of roughly 1000 meters at a velocity calculated to be in extra of 1,500 kilometers per hour. The director of an observatory said that the existence of those discs is on no account extraordinary or mysterious inside present scientific capabilities. He added that launching these discs was potential by the use of V-2 rockets.

[Photo Caption]: The tree the place the alleged flying saucer was seen. The unusual phenomenon, which has captured the general public’s consideration worldwide, alongside main worldwide occasions, may merely be the results of mass hysteria.

[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with due to Marcelo G. Metayer and Agencia DIB]

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