Animal Skull, Crude Facial Sculpture Found On Mars In Rover Photo, Feb 8, 2019, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Feb 8, 2019
Location of discovery: Mars
Supply picture:

I used to be wanting by way of some gigipan photographs of Mars and located some actually unusual objects, every of which tells it personal story from its element. 

First is the cranium above which has a decrease jaw beak like a turtle and even the higher and decrease beak of a triceratops dinosaur. The element is extraordinary and had the rover noticed it, it might have intrigued world scientists for months. I imagine this can be a sculpture…because it lacks the higher face particulars most fossils would defiantly have. 

There was additionally a flat sculpture of a bearded face. I added coloration to it to extra simply see the main points on account of its crude and aged look. It might seem that the tradition that made these have been of decrease intelligence…like that of prehistoric earth. Did you discover his ear is decrease than ours?

Then on the backside of this submit is a screenshot of one other face…once more a previous male with an open mouth and excessive detailed decrease tooth and jaw. His eyebrows, eyes, mouth nostril, cheeks all extremely stand out. These sculptures are plain proof that aliens…clever or not…as soon as lived on Mars. 

I might additionally like so as to add one thing…this historic society on Mars…is a male dominate tradition. I discover only a few feminine faces and most the faces I discover are male with beards, crowns, moustaches, aged older males with wrinkles. That alone could account for a big purpose why their species went extinct…they dismissed the intelligence and ingenuity of the females of their species, thus rising the percentages of destroying themselves and their society. Female and male mixed intelligence creates a steadiness and will increase the possibility of survival of any species. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan