Aliens are HERE and they’re breeding with humans, claims Oxford University lecturer

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ALIEN guests from outer house are right here on Earth and are breeding with people to create a superior “hybrid” species, an Oxford College tutorial has shockingly claimed.

Alien hybrids born from a combined parentage will survive people on Earth when local weather change ravages the planet. The weird principle was introduced by Korean lecturer Dr Younger-hae Chi, who teaches at Oxford’s Oriental Institute. The Oxford tutorial is a agency believer within the principle of alien visitation and frequent abductions by extraterrestrials. He has now outlined his most weird alien claims within the Korean e book Alien Visitations and the Finish of Humanity.

Based on The Oxford Pupil, Dr Chi believes in a hyperlink between the variety of alien abductions and local weather change.

Dr Chi stated: “One chance is that they discover our DNA helpful for the preservation of the inventory.

“Secondly, to create species which might survive sooner or later local weather circumstances.

“Thirdly, some abductees report that these hybrids are of a really excessive intelligence, so are they producing these hybrids as a problem-solver, a future chief”

Dr Chi believes there 4 principal varieties of alien species, all characterised by their distinct bodily appearances.

These species are an insect-like sort of alien, aliens with scales and snake eyes, small aliens and tall and daring aliens.

The insect-like species is claimed to be the ruling species, which orders across the lesser extraterrestrials.

In the long run, nonetheless, Dr Chi argued the aliens’ actions right here on utterly self-driven and never altruistic.

He stated: “So, they arrive not for the sake of us, however for the sake of them, their survival, however their survival is definitely our survival as properly, the survival of the whole biosphere.

“That’s the place I progressed in growing my principle and I’m nonetheless searching for extra proof to help my view.”

In 2012, the lecturer spoke on the annual Anomalous Thoughts Administration Abductee Contactee Helpline Convention (Ammach) about aliens being current on Earth.

Dr Chi prefaced his keynote by stating “maybe human civilisation is coming to an finish”.

He then outlined why aliens are coming to Earth to abduct folks, primarily based on the so-called Colonisation Concept proposed by Dr David Jacobs.

He stated: “The first function of abduction is to supply hybrids – human-alien hybrids – and the second is the first function of the hybrid undertaking to colonise the Earth.

“He bases the second argument on observations. The primary one is the mass manufacturing of the second technology hybrids.

“Aliens produce hybrids not solely between themselves and people but additionally between these alien-human hybrids and people.”

These “second technology hybrids” supposedly are indistinguishable from people, significantly after they mix into society.

In March 2019, the non-profit group Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (METI) contemplated the likelihood people are trapped within an extraterrestrial, intergalactic zoo.

Professor Florence Raulin-Cerceau of the Nationwide Museum of Pure Historical past in Paris addressed the speculation on the group’s assembly in Paris.

She stated: “Once we attempt to higher perceive the universe, the query of whether or not we’re alone is unavoidable.”

Astronomer Jean-Pierre Rospars, who additionally attended the assembly, stated: “It appears seemingly that extraterrestrials are imposing a galactic quarantine as a result of they realise it will be culturally disruptive for us to study them.

“Cognitive evolution on Earth reveals random options whereas additionally following predictable paths.

“We will count on the repeated, unbiased emergence of clever species within the universe, and we should always count on to see roughly related types of intelligence in all places, below beneficial circumstances.

“There is no such thing as a motive to suppose that people have reached the best cognitive degree doable.”

Is there alien life on the market in house?

Even when clever extraterrestrials dot secretly coexist subsequent to people right here on Earth, many scientists consider aliens could exist someplace within the depths of house.

The most definitely case situation is life has developed on some otherworldly planet however has not developed intelligence to the diploma humanity has.

Briony Horgan, an astronomer at Purdue College in Indiana, US, stated: “We’ve solely been searching for speaking civilisations for the final 60 or 70 years.

“The universe is 13 billion years previous and 60 years is a particularly quick time frame.

Alien information: Aliens breed with people, then additional breed the hybrids with people

“Maybe clever life isn’t as widespread as we expect and we’re simply wanting on the incorrect time.”

Astronomers on the Seek for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute attempt to reply if we’re alone within the universe.

SETI scans the skies with highly effective radar dishes in a bid to detect alien radio broadcasts and different communication frequencies.

To this point, scientists haven’t been in a position to detect any messages from an clever species of alien.

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