Alien Reptilian Cult Blamed in a Murder Case

Spend any time on the planet of UFOs, alien abductions and extraterrestrials and also you’ll discover all flavors of origin tales, beliefs and unusual help organizations. It’s straightforward to fall into the lure of pointing fingers and calling others “odd,” particularly now that a lot of these snap judgments so permeate your complete world of social media. One particular person’s faith is one other’s cult and vice versa. And but … there are some that cross the road. That is the story of one among them.

“Pocono Mountain Regional Police responded to the scene within the early morning hours of July 15, 2017, after (Barbara) Rogers known as 911 saying that (Steven) Mineo had positioned a gun in her palms, pointed it at himself and pulled the set off of their Coolbaugh Township (Pennsylvania) residence. Police on the scene found that Mineo had been shot within the brow at shut vary with a .45-caliber handgun. Rogers was subsequently taken into custody and charged with Mineo’s homicide.


Police stated Rogers informed officers that Mineo requested her to kill him as a result of he believed the chief of the cult was a “reptilian” pretending to be a human.”

On July 15th, 2017, Barbara Rogers admitted killing Steven Rogers at his request as a result of he may not cope with being kicked out of Sherry Shriner, a bunch based by and named for its now deceased chief who claimed, amongst many different issues, that reptilian aliens pose as people and dump snakes down folks’s throats to “scalp” their souls. Believers in Reptilians contend that these shapeshifting humanoids management lots of the world’s leaders of their quest to take over humanity (apologies to believers for that bare-bones abstract – there’s loads of extra detailed explanations out there by Google search). In keeping with an investigation reported in The New Republic, Mineo had adopted Sherry Shriner since a minimum of 2004, however his issues appear to have began when Rogers turned his girlfriend and he or she wrote a Fb submit praising steak tartare – a sign to Shriner’s followers that Mineo was residing with a uncooked meat-eating Reptilian … or in Shriner’s phrases — a “Vampire Witch Reptilian Tremendous Soldier.”

Mineo defended her, claiming {that a} substance Shriner recommends known as Orgone is meant to kill Reptilians and it had no impact on Rogers … ergo, she’s not one among them. That didn’t pacify Shriner, so Mineo and Rogers left the group and Mineo launched derogatory movies about Shriner, which allegedly brought about combating between all events and, in response to Rogers, drove him to the suicidal state that she merely helped him accomplish.

Evidently, Barbara Rogers’ legal professionals had a tricky time explaining all of this to a jury, which in March 2019 discovered her responsible of third-degree homicide. On June 10, the mom of three with no prior felony file was sentenced to 15 to 40 years in jail – a sentence her legal professionals are anticipated to enchantment.

“I don’t run a cult. You may activate my video or flip it off. You may activate my podcast or flip it off. I don’t have a listing or a membership rule.”

Sherry Shriner defended herself and her followers in an interview previous to her demise by pure causes in 2018. Her web site, blogs, self-published e-books, Twitter and Fb posts and huge YouTube library are nonetheless well-liked, particularly with those that see a hyperlink between the Reptilians and Zionism. As anticipated, this case falls smack in the midst of many conspiracy principle debates raging right now.

No matter you consider, homicide continues to be homicide and useless continues to be useless – that’s a line that should not be crossed as a result of it can’t be uncrossed.

Did anybody ever count on the time period “Reptilians” for use in a U.S. courtroom of regulation? In ANY courtroom of regulation? Rogers’ legal professionals are anticipated to enchantment. How far will this go? Will we sometime be listening to tales about whether or not some Supreme Court docket justices ought to recuse themselves from this case as a result of they themselves are Reptilians? It appears farfetched … however so did the concept the mainstream media would sometime cowl UFOs.

It’s a really unusual world we reside in, Grasp Jack.

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