Alien Life Might Be so Advanced That It’s Indistinguishable From the Laws of Physics

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We’ve by no means seen aliens … or have we? No, Roswell conspirators, not now. Please sit down. We’re speaking in multitudes of upper complexity.

Do that on: Perhaps aliens are the puppet masters behind the legal guidelines of physics. Or perhaps aliens actually are physics. Simply after we thought we had a grasp on the elemental constants of the universe, increase, darkish matter rips off the masks, and it’s E.T. Too loopy to be true? Show it.

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Magic, Shmagic

British science-fiction author and futurist Arthur C. Clarke famously formulated three adages generally known as Clarke’s three legal guidelines. Of them, quantity three steals many of the highlight: “Any sufficiently superior know-how is indistinguishable from magic.”

Take into account cavemen for a second. In the event you hand-delivered an iPhone to an historical cave-dweller, he’d be dumbfounded on the “magical” gadget. However give it a while, and Fred Flintstone would in all probability begin tweeting and Snapchatting. Now, let’s crank ‘er up a notch. Think about know-how so superior, it’s not even recognizable as know-how, or magic, for that matter. It may very well be so superior that calling it magic could be an insult. Sorry, David Blaine.

One-Phrase Clarification for Something: ALIENS

This isn’t all some far-out psychedelic rambling. (Even when it had been, we’d nonetheless be right here for it.) As bonkers as it could sound, Scharf argues that his thought experiment might clarify essentially the most mysterious cosmic phenomena. Take our pricey ol’ elusive good friend, darkish matter. This unseen stuff makes up 27 p.c of the observable universe, however just about every little thing else about it’s famously unknown. Based mostly on the assumptions and predictions of cosmologists and astronomers, darkish matter may very well be way more sophisticated than we’re prepared to grasp. Inconsistencies between darkish matter fashions and observations solely again that up.

With all this obvious complexity, Scharf says it wouldn’t be outlandish to suppose that technologically superior life is saved there. “What higher method to escape the nasty vagaries of supernova and gamma-ray bursts than to undertake a kind that’s resistant to electromagnetic radiation? Add your world to the massive quantity of actual property on the darkish aspect and be accomplished with it.” The inconsistencies may simply be a results of being artificially tampered with.

You possibly can run an identical train with the elusive darkish power, which makes up roughly 68 p.c of the universe. The universe didn’t begin increasing at an accelerated price till a cool 5 billion years in the past, and scientists don’t know why. Nicely, properly, properly, how handy.

In keeping with Scharf, a sophisticated alien civilization might have bumped the pace up in order that they wouldn’t need to stay in such a crowded, scorching mess of a universe. “Any very youth within the universe would have already skilled eight billion years of evolutionary time by the point enlargement started to speed up,” he writes. “It’s a stretch, however perhaps there’s one thing about life itself that impacts the cosmos, or perhaps these well-evolved denizens determined to tinker with the enlargement.”

Simply Sayin’

Be aware that the concepts Scharf is placing on the market are simply that: concepts. None of that is peer-reviewed and even testable (YET). This is only one courageous astrobiologist on a mission to brainstorm the boundaries of theoretical chance and make you paranoid past all purpose that each inescapable, so-called legislation of “nature” affecting you is extraterrestrial intelligence. We’re simply having enjoyable, children!

Scharf indicators off with a mind-bender: “Maybe hyper-advanced life isn’t simply exterior. Maybe it’s already throughout. It’s embedded in what we understand to be physics itself, from the foundation habits of particles and fields to the phenomena of complexity and emergence. In different phrases, life won’t simply be within the equations. It is likely to be the equations.”

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