Alien Encounters: From Contactees to Abductees

Due to the provisions of the Freedom of Data Acts of each the USA and the UK, we all know with full certainty that varied army and intelligence companies have opened secret recordsdata on numerous individuals who declare to have encountered otherworldly beings. The proof, we all know, dates again to the early 1950s. That was when the Federal Bureau of Investigation quietly opened recordsdata on quite a few individuals within the Contactee area. They included George Adamski, George Van Tassel, Orfeo Angelucci, and Truman Bethurum. All of them – and plenty of extra too – got here below the cautious and secret scrutiny of J. Edgar Hoover’s G-Males. The surveillance had little or no to do with the claimed encounters of the characters above, however nearly the whole lot to do with the pro-Russian statements a few of the Contactees made.

After all, the Contactee expertise didn’t contain individuals being kidnapped in opposition to their will. For essentially the most half, the so-called House Brothers would invite amazed individuals onto their craft. The House Brothers have been benevolent, human-looking figures who needed nothing greater than to assist steer us away from worldwide, nuclear destruction and the extinction of life on Earth. That is in stark distinction to what erupted, all throughout the globe, only a few years after the likes of Van Tassel and Adamski have been using excessive. Immediately, authorities companies have been confronted with one other non-human phenomenon – a really a lot unexpected one. It was a phenomenon which involved the governments of each the USA and the UK.

A stark and chilling realization hit authorities companies sq. within the face: unfamiliar beings from faraway worlds have been kidnapping residents of this planet. Folks have been being subjected to medical experiments of sorts which puzzled these tasked with learning the state of affairs; reminiscences have been being cleaned; and there was a brand new menace to nationwide safety. Overlook the Russians: sinister entities from a completely completely different realm of existence to ours have been utilizing us like cattle. And, within the very early days – when the Betty and Barney Hill saga reached the media and the general public – it appeared that nothing might be finished to convey the onslaught to an finish. Certainly, not solely have been authorities companies confused and susceptible to the actions of the brand new gang on the town; they have been hit by a horrible realization that they have been unable to do something in regards to the rising intrusion in our very midst.

In different phrases, within the early years of the alien enigma, companies have been nonetheless very a lot in the dead of night, doing their utmost to come back to grips with one thing that overwhelmingly baffled them. The army was used to coping with enemies that needed to destroy us. The USA Authorities knew that the Soviets have been a significant menace – and so they knew deal with them, in simply the identical means that the Soviets knew deal with the Western world. The issue, as we’ve got seen, although, is that the Gray abductors didn’t act like common enemies: they didn’t assault us, they didn’t destroy our cities in Independence Day-style, and so they by no means landed on the White Home garden and demanded worldwide give up. Quite, they acted in a stealthy, odd means which companies – notably the army – had a tough time coming to grips with. There was no outright aggression, however there was no pleasant method both.

So, what did our leaders do? Companies took what they felt was the perfect method potential – perhaps even the one method potential, making an allowance for the truth that the aliens have been infinitely years forward of us, when it comes to science and expertise. There actually was just one possibility accessible to governments. That was to look at – and watch carefully – what was happening. To maintain the abductees below surveillance.. To remain absolutely conscious of the rising alien abduction epidemic – at the least, to the extent that they have been capable of. And to face prepared and ready for any vital modifications within the clandestine actions of the Greys.

This is the reason, because the 1960s grew to become the 1970s, we noticed the rise of the black helicopter and “phantom helicopter” phenomena. It was within the early 1970s that components of the federal government secretly assigned a major finances in the direction of creating helicopter-based quick-reaction groups that would reply to alien abduction occasions, and monitor the houses of abductees throughout the USA. The mission even used those self same helicopters to attempt to determine the connection between abductions and the cattle mutilation phenomenon. That encounters involving alien abductees and people mysterious helicopters are nonetheless being reported is an excellent indication that this explicit type of aerial surveillance continues to be very a lot afoot.

Let’s not neglect that there’s an excellent stranger facet to all of this. It’s that of the MILABS controversy. We’re speaking about Navy-based abductor groups fabricating abduction occasions – such because the trauma-filled Charles Hickson-Calvin Parker abduction late one evening in October 1973 in Mississippi – to attempt to place the aliens in an much more harmful mild than they already appear to be. Or, within the Brazilian affair of Antonio Villas Boas in October 1957, to make the entire abduction concern seem totally ridiculous by bringing the difficulty of untamed alien-human intercourse into the equation. Many researchers of the UFO concern outright dismissed the Villas Boas story when it first surfaced – which was precisely what the federal government needed: preserve Ufologists from investigating the actual abductions, by attempting to persuade those self same Ufologists that all the tales of alien abduction – and intercourse with extraterrestrials – have been ludicrous and the works of hoaxers.

From the 1950s to the current day, it has been an undeniably wild experience.

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