A Man in Black, Wicca, and a Strange Encounter

Lucy Palmer is a former safety officer and a Wiccan. She shared with me the unsettling and weird story of Shelagh and her associate, Robert, and their disturbing immersion into the fraught area of the Males in Black: “They lived collectively as companions since assembly in 1983, when the paranormal experiences started nearly instantly. On the time this occurred Robert was working in a grocery store and Shelagh was at house alone. It was August 1991 and Shelagh was within the kitchen when she heard the entrance door bell ring. The constructing was a terraced home on a really busy Oxford Highway in Studying [England]. The home had a flight of seven or eight stone steps as much as the entrance door. This was the form of home with one other set of steps resulting in a under avenue stage basement room. Shelagh went to the entrance door which had a big pane of frosted glass in it, that means you can see the shadow of anybody standing outdoors. However what struck Shelagh is that she couldn’t see the darkish type of anyone ready outdoors, so her preliminary thought was that they could have gone right down to the basement door.

“She opened the door and was confronted by a person with a broad smile on his face, so the suggestion is that he had been stood outdoors however forged no shadow on the glass! He wore an immaculate black go well with, white shirt and black tie. She described his go well with as ‘too excellent to be actual, with excellent creases within the legs. She reported his shirt as a really dazzling white, hypnotically so. She notably seen that he didn’t have a single bead of sweat on his face or staining his shirt collar, though it was a extremely popular, cloudless day. His eyes have been black and his pores and skin a Mediterranean olive. He carried a model new briefcase in his proper hand. Shelagh was a former police officer, having served within the Rhodesian Particular Department within the 1950s and 1960s. Along with her expertise she has on many events demonstrated an excellent sense of recall which is why she took all this visible info within the first moments of confronting him.

“Then the bizarre a part of her report is that though the highway behind him was a busy most important highway main instantly into the center of Studying, she progressively turned conscious of no site visitors and no pedestrians passing, with this, every part behind him appeared to slide out of focus. He, alternatively, nonetheless smiling inanely, turned sharper centered and he or she may do nothing about it. Shelagh says her imaginative and prescient was restricted, in opposition to her needs, to focus solely on his presence. She may see a small metallic pin badge on his proper go well with jacket lapel and realized this merchandise was what she was persevering with to stare at. It sounds prefer it was exerting a hypnotic fascination. Shelagh by no means was in a position to describe what he badge was as a result of though she was concentrating on it, she discovered it challenged her by regularly slipping out of focus. He then spoke, there was an accent, international, most likely European, however she couldn’t place it:

“‘Whats up, is Robert in?’

“‘No, he’s at work.’

“‘Oh okay,’ the MIB replied, ‘When is he house?’

“‘Most likely about 6 this night.’

“The MIB continued to smile as one thing very unusual then occurred. It was like a sudden soar in a movie as a result of the following second he was stood two steps additional down, however he hadn’t bodily moved. Nonetheless smiling, he then informed her: ‘You do must cease what you’re doing.’ Then the soar occurred a second time and he was stood down on the pavement, on a regular basis completely immobile with fingers and briefcase held rigidly at his facet. Nonetheless smiling and looking out up at her. Then the following ‘soar’ and he had turned to face the left, (her proper). Then he began to stroll away – this being the very first bodily motion she was conscious of.

“The second he was out of sight she stepped out of the porch anticipating him to be strolling alongside the pavement or getting right into a automotive – however he had disappeared. At that time she realized the road sounds had returned and the same old stream of site visitors had resumed. She walked alongside the road, wanting down the one side-road shut by, however didn’t see him, or him in any car. She informed Robert about this when he acquired house and it was documented as one other bizarre encounter. There was no observe up and he by no means returned bodily.

“Shelagh had a protracted historical past of exceptional clairvoyance, within the 60s she had been a Excessive Priestess in a Wiccan coven. So her occult presence was lengthy and skilled. Within the 1970s she appeared to endure an abduction expertise. Then when she met Robert within the early 1980s they obtained many communications from spirit guides alluding to a ‘mission.’ This messaging, obtained by way of Shelagh because the medium was accompanied with a string of paranormal occasions – the MIB being simply one in every of them.

It’s very bizarre accounts like this one informed by Lucy Palmer that exhibit the Males in Black usually are not “secret brokers” of “the federal government.” They’re much stranger than that…

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