470,000 People Planning To Storm Area 51 Form Outrageous Plan

Clearly tired of discussing conspiracy theories in dingy corners of the web (Flat Earth, Princess Diana and what actually occurred at Roswell?), a big group of alien lovers are planning to uncover the secrets and techniques of Space 51 as soon as and for all.

Armed with ‘pebbles’ and ‘Naruto’ runners, hundreds of persons are seemingly gearing as much as storm the extremely categorized United States Air Power facility to lastly ‘see them aliens’.

Positive, it appears as probably as a UFO parking up outdoors your new construct terrace, however these eager people have mapped out a ‘detailed plan’ based mostly on a easy premise: ‘they will’t cease all of us’.

They’ve even set a date for his or her inter-planetary conflict for 20 September 2019, and can meet up on the Space 51 Alien Middle vacationer attraction and ‘coordinate entry’.

Taking to the ‘Storm Space 51, They Can’t Cease All of Us’ Fb group, the ringleader suggests ‘if we naruto run, we are able to transfer sooner than their bullets…’

OK, this doesn’t appear legit or protected, however let’s humour the adventurers for a second.

Storm Space 51, They Can’t Cease All of Us/Fb

Space 51 – a big and intensely safe navy air power unit – has been the topic of many alien conspiracy theories for many years, with some believing it helps the testing of UFO and extra-terrestrial beings.

Let’s face it, we’d all wish to know what’s actually happening within the Nevada desert. However is it price taking a possible bullet?

Over 400,000 folks have joined the Fb group, all providing numerous strategies of motion.

One individual commented:

We use the rock throwers and naruto runners to distract them and the remainder of us go underground.

One other mentioned:

Get the aliens in your facet and also you may need an opportunity with some “inside help” like sabotaging the weapons.

Group creator and grasp strategist, Jackson Barnes, hopes they will storm the power with out the usage of violence.

He wrote:

…the Rock Throwers will throw pebbles on the inevitable resistance (we don’t wish to harm them, we simply wish to annoy them sufficient to not shoot…)

The thousand-strong, err…, troopers can be sectioned into three teams: rock throwers, Naruto runners (animé ninjas that run actually quick) and ‘Kyles’ (a group of muscle buff youngsters with a penchant for kicking in drywall).

Then there’s the remainder, who will watch from a protected house with binoculars and popcorn.

Not all are in help of the mission and its outrageous plan.

‘Man… y’all gonna die…’ warns one individual within the group.

And but, we want the troopers luck. Though we’re shocked the US authorities hasn’t shut this web page down by now…

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